about the blog.

fueled by diet coke is the honest, raw, and usually messy journey of a twenty-something woman in today’s society who is trying desperately to start a revolution of self acceptance.

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7 thoughts on “about the blog.

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  2. I love your sense of humor and need a blog “fueled by COKE” and I am 46…would that be ok? This is because I am desperately needing what you are doing: Revolution to self acceptance. Jackie would like permission?

  3. Mirena – Me too Had it fitted at forty-one. About four months in started to not be quite myself and by five months insomnia, palpatations and crushing anxiety about absolutely everything. Thought I had gone completely mad. Friends didn’t recognise the person I had become and I felt I would rather not be here than live like this. Thankfully I made the connection and had it removed. The first week I felt worse. The beginning of the second I started to feel better adn continued to get better every day. Coming to the end of third week now and I feel like me again and am laughing, optomistic and looking forward to things again. I was advised to have mirena as an alternative to the pill. The reason for not taking the pill was taht it caused a lesser version of these side effects in me 7 years ago. I was told mirena was safe but have since found it contains the exact brand of hormone in the pill I had taken. My advice listen to your body, you are the one taht’s in it and know it best. If you think something is causing you harm get rid of it and don’t let amyone persuade you otherwise. Thanks for sharing your story. All the best for the future. Elize xx

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