things i love thursday: tallahassee.

I live in Tallahassee, Florida. Did you know that? Even though it looks and feels a lot more like Georgia, it is the capital of the Sunshine State and I’ve been here ever since the fall of 2004. That’s, like, forever ago.

I want to do things a little different this week. I want to dedicate my TILT list to the city I’ve now called home for nearly nine years.



  • My friends. OBVIOUSLY the first thing on here.
  • My alma mater! Florida State, Florida State, Florida State, woo!
  • It actually sort of kind of maybe has seasons.
  • The rolling hills. So unlike Florida.
  • Canopy roads.
  • Decent Pizza. And when I say that I don’t mean, “Tallahassee has decent pizza, I guess.” It literally means that my favorite pizza joint is called “Decent Pizza.” Try their margherita pizza and tell me it doesn’t CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
  • The farmers’ market on Saturdays.
  • Surprisingly good and authentic Thai food.
  • It typically (TYPICALLY, but not always) gets through hurricane season unscathed.
  • When driving around town, if you’re not paying attention, you can actually end up in Georgia by accident.
  • My church home.
  • The way it smells in the morning. (Way different in the afternoon.)
  • Midtown.
  • RedEye Coffee.
  • All you can eat sushi that isn’t gross.
  • Gumby’s Pizza.
  • Voodoo Dog.
  • Jim & Milt’s.
  • Evidently I eat a lot. LOOK AWAAAAY.
  • The local musicians here. Especially since a lot of them are my buddies.
  • Railroad Square and First Fridays.
  • Trips to St. George Island.
  • Jazz in the Park.
  • Seven Days of Opening Nights.
  • FSU Theatre.
  • The Warehouse.
  • The weird flea market.
  • The Tennessee Strip.
  • Leon Pub.
  • [Insert all the bars here].
  • Dance Tallahassee.
  • Gulf Winds Track Club.
  • 2 for 1 beers and ritas pretty much anywhere you go.

Oh Tallahassee. You will forever be the capital of my heart.

it’s my potty and i’ll take a picture of it if i want to.

Remember how Dan and I went to Chicago last month? While it was definitely an amazing week, getting to Chicago proved to be quite, um, trying. Because it costs roughly $23,497,324,234,876,234 (give or take) to fly out of Tallahassee, we had to fly out of Jacksonville. And, naturally, the cheapest flight was also the earliest (8AM) so we had to be at JAX around 6AM. Our options were: stay the previous night in Jacksonville or hop in our car at 4AM and drive two and a half hours to Jacksonville.

We chose the latter because we are super duper broke. And Dan was so excited to go back home (he’s from there — have I told you this already? I married a Chicagoan, which I think is impossibly cool…) that he woke up at 2AM. Of course, this means that I also woke up at 2AM. (The never ending curse of a light sleeper.) We danced around our house until our alarms sounded at 3:30, then packed up our Camry, and headed east.

And we traveled. A lot. After all was said and done, we finally landed in Chicago around 12:30PM local time, 1:30PM “our” time.

All that to say, the goings-on of our first day are rather fuzzy, I’m afraid. But. When I went to the bathroom at the Jacksonville airport (at around 6AM after already being “up” for four hours) I had to take a picture of it. Not because I was deliriously tired (though I most certainly was) but because of how the entrance was decorated:

Isn’t that incredible? It’s all different kinds of women, all shapes and all sizes! Though some are a bit ridiculous (is that a banana-shaped woman I see?) I love the message! That we’re all different, but we’re still women, no matter what we look like.

And just so you know, the men’s bathroom was done the same way. But I already looked really stupid taking a picture of the outside of ONE bathroom let alone TWO. So. There you go.