tuesday tip — new year’s resolutions.

Well, folks, it’s January 3rd, 2012. We are already three days into the New Year.

Most people, by this point in time, have already come up with their New Year’s Resolutions (to lose weight! to pray more! to read more! to be thankful more!) and are already three days into working on seeing them through.

The sad reality about these resolutions is that only 10% of them will be fulfilled. For you math majors out there, that means that 90% of all New Year’s Resolutions will fail.

Are you one of these people? Do you set goals at the beginning of each year only to neglect to achieve them or, like yours truly last year, simply forget what they were? Don’t sweat it. You’re not alone.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on your New Year’s resolutions.

1. give yourself a deadline.

Okay, okay. This may seem redundant but, “by the end of the year,” is often times too vague to meet. Before you know it, December 31st is here and you’re kicking yourself in the butt for missing out again. If your resolution is to run three miles, register for a 5k in July. If your goal is to go down a pants size, give yourself a deadline of September or October, a month you’re sure to need new jeans.

2. have a measurable goal.

Resolutions like “losing weight” or “eating healthier” are kind of hard to measure. If your goal is the former, change it to something like, “I resolve to lose enough pounds to get to a healthy BMI,” or, “I resolve to lose seven pounds in order to round out the number on the scale.” If your goal is the latter, try changing it to, “I resolve to eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day.” Narrowing your goals makes them so much easier to grasp.

3. tell people about it.

Last year I made five New Year’s Resolutions and didn’t tell a soul about any of them. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I didn’t meet any of my goals. There’s a reason support groups work — when you have a group of people you can trust with your aspirations, they’ll hold you accountable until you see them through (and even after!) And, as an added bonus, if you tell a girlfriend about your goal, it might be one she’s had for a while and hasn’t been ready to tackle on her own. You can be someone else’s cheerleader at the same time!

4. don’t forget about grace.

Changing things in your life can be tough. If you slip up one day or two, don’t get discouraged. Persistence is key — pick yourself up and dust your shoulders off and try again the next day. Even if you continue this pattern all the way to next year, that’s okay. Remember — just trying is half the battle.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

things i love thursday! (2011 edition)

This is the last TILT list of 2011! Wow. So much has happened this year! I am so thankful for all of the blessings I’ve received over the past twelve months. And so, I’m going to make a super-long-but-way-worth-it 2011 edition of Things I love Thursday! Enjoy!


  • Starting off the year witnessing Evan and Suzanne getting engaged! (January 1st.)
  • Visits from the Nicks. (January 1st.)
  • Going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
  • Civil War Reenactments and other various random road trips with Jessica. (February 19th.)
  • The Rugged Maniac in Jacksonville. (February 26th.)
  • Ultimate frisbee!
  • 30 Hour Famine. (March 4th.)
  • A mini-vaycay to Jacksonville with my love. (March 17th-19th.)
  • Book club meetings.
  • Wine nights.
  • Potlucks and bible studies.
  • Babysitting Kylin Poole.
  • Being asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time!
  • Teaching J-hi.
  • Double dates.
  • Discovering my dance studio! (April 18th.)
  • Seeing Jonna.
  • Beach days, even when coupled with devastating sunburns. (April 29th.)
  • Playing music.
  • Bachelorette parties and wedding showers.
  • Getting soaked from the rain and huddling under an awning at Kelby and Kyle’s wedding! (May 14th.)
  • Having a girls night with Dayle and Leah and getting robbed at the same time. (May 20th.)
  • Being a part of Emily‘s 13th birthday. (May 24th.)
  • Visits from Chelsea. (May 27th.)
  • Finding Hamlet! (June 7th.)
  • Bringing Felicite to a Passion Party! (June 18th.)
  • Visits from my bestie Becky!
  • Tori and Ryan’s Big Fat Greek Wedding. (June 25th.)
  • Pizza and beer nights with Felicite.
  • Seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 at midnight with my friends, complete with MATCHING SHIRTS! I also may or may not have excitedly thrown my wand and accidentally smacked the girl sitting next to me. (July 15th.)
  • Driving to Cincinnati to see Evan and Suzanne tie the knot. (July 21-24th.)
  • Helping Chrissie make wedding invitations and decorations.
  • My best friend turned 26! (July 28th.)
  • Mine and Dan’s second wedding anniversary at the Melting Pot. I swear, it gets better everyday. (August 1st.)
  • Drinks after work.
  • Sending off three of my very good friends (Chelsea, Jessica, and Felicite) to bigger and better things (seminary in Texas, a new job in Miami, and a new job/life in New York City respectively.) It did made me smile, even though it also made my heart hurt and my eyes overflow. I miss them so much.
  • Randy turned 30! (August 23rd.)
  • Learning how to play disc golf!
  • Dinner and hangouts at the Poole house.
  • Our week-long trip to Chicago. (September 3rd-10th.)
  • Having ACL reconstruction surgery. Yes, it sucked a lot, but it got me back on my feet. (September 12th.)
  • All of the people who prepared meals for us and just came over to hang out with me after surgery.
  • Going to the beach in a giant leg brace.
  • Planning/executing a successful barbecue cook-off. (September 24th.)
  • Meaningful conversations centered around growth.
  • Ministry meetings over margaritas.
  • Surprise baby showers.
  • Kicking butt at physical therapy.
  • The Buddy Walk. (October 8th.)
  • Playing in a Journey cover band! (October 28th.)
  • Helping our friends Zack and Sarah move into their first house. (October 29th.)
  • Capitol Speedway’s reunion. (October 29th.)
  • Starting and WINNING NaNoWriMo! (November 1st-30th.)
  • Baby Isaiah was born! (November 2nd.)
  • Being in a Flashmob! (November 12th.)
  • Watching FSU kill Miami with my best friend! (November 12th.)
  • November 16th.
  • The Student Ministry Advance. (November 18th-20th.)
  • Spending Thanksgiving in DeLand with the family. (November 23rd-26th.)
  • Turning 26! (December 1st.)
  • “Our assets are frozen!” (December 2nd.)
  • My mom’s birthday (December 5th) and my brother’s birthday. (December 8th.)
  • New opportunities.
  • Worship and communion. (December 14th.)
  • Open house for Sally! (December 15th.)
  • Getting to hold little Isaiah for the first time. (December 15th.)
  • Our first Durrenberger family Christmas card!
  • Christmas parties and white elephant gift exchanges galore.
  • The Lord of the Rings Case Family tradition.
  • Losing Christmas for the second year in a row. (December 25th.)
  • Graduating (or, being discharged from) physical therapy. (December 28th.)
  • Knowing Becky is going to come up to visit for New Year’s.
  • And, finally, the continued success and joy I get from this blog.

Happy New Year, friends! Cheers to 2012 — may it be just as awesome as 2011, if not more so!