diet coke 12-pack: week of january 26, 2015

WHOA HEY. Remember these? Probably not, because the last time I wrote one was back in 2011 which was before I was a mom.

LOLOLOLOL time flies so fast though.

To get you up to speed, back in the day, I would collect all the stuff I’ve read/loved over the past week and share them with you. And since I’m back at it, HERE YOU GO.

Also, a lot of these bloggers are my IRL friends and they are cool so if you like me, you should definitely like them.

Only thing I ask is that you please don’t break up with my blog for their blogs. Sure their blogs (as well as their faces) are sexier than mine and they are undoubtedly more trendy/fun/nice/better cooks but LISTEN. You liked me first, right?

Right. Anyway.


  • How To Ditch The Cubicle | SEMIPROPER – In America, in 2015, the age of supposed hover boards and wiggity whack jumpsuits, should we not be able to fully work from home? That’s kind of my thought process this year as I navigate how in the heck to care for two children and still make ends meet without selling every comic book Dan owns. (What? I would never…)
  • Friday DIY Roundup | Oh the Lovely Things – A few friends and I have decided to have a monthly DIY “crafternoon” (a thank you, a thank you) all year in order to make Christmas presents in a timely manner. I love these ideas and I’m pretty sure I’m going to make that photo soap of my FACE for literally everyone I know. (You’re so welcome in advance.)
  • Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap | Sarah Hearts – To go along with the DIY theme, download these adorable gift wraps from my homie Sarah. They are almost as adorable as she is. Almost. Also, why fight the line at Target when you can just click print? Genius.
  • I Chose Life and His Name is Lexington Anthony | Svellerella – I am not all about to get political up in here (ain’t nobody got time for that) but reading this girl’s story wrecked me a little bit. Life doesn’t always go as planned but, if you let it, it can be beautiful.
  • The Continuing Saga of Blink-182 Explained in Blink-182 Gifs | Hello Giggles – Because I was a huge Blink fan in the late 90s/early 00s, and because who doesn’t love a set of good gifs? (Also, Tom DeLonge, WTF bro? Stay together for the kids!)
  • Test Driving Natural Skin Care | Scratch or Sniff – My skin has always sucked. The first pimple I remember getting was in the 2nd (!!!!) grade. When my friends were fighting over broken crayons, I was in the bathroom crying over my broken skin. In my 20s, especially putting my hormones through the wringer with pregnancies/nursing/miscarriages/everything, it hasn’t really gotten any better. I’ve ditched all the harsh chemical treatments I was using and have switched to a skin care routine similar to this one, and I might give this routine a try.

And that’s all from me this week. Check you next week.



diet coke 12-pack: week of october 31, 2011


Almost, friends! Almost. I hope you had an amazing Halloween and a productive first week of November. Start out your weekend with these little delights from the Interwebs.

Get down from there, cat!


That’s all, folks! I’ll see you next week. Have a fun weekend! When it’s time to party, we will party hard!

diet coke 12-pack: week of october 24, 2011

Happy Friday! I haven’t done one of these in a while. Have you missed them? I have! Pull up a chair and grab a snack — start your weekend off with some delightful Intertubes goodies.

Oh and hey! I have brown hair now! That’s fun.


Alright, friends! That’s it! Have a safe and spooky Halloween! See you next week, THE FIRST DAY OF NANOWRIMO! Bah!

diet coke 12-pack: week of october 3, 2011

Hey hey hey, diet coke junkies! Your weekend is about to start off with a sentimental bang, with a tribute to the fantastic Mr. Steve Jobs at the top of this week’s 12-pack. Enjoy!


That does it, kids. Have a great weekend. See you soon!

❤ Lindsay

diet coke 12-pack: week of september 26, 2011

Alright, kiddos! That wraps up another week of FBDC goodness. I hope you all have a lovely weekend — start it off right by consuming some delicious Internet goodies.


That’s all she wrote! Peace, love, and bullet-proof marshmallows,

diet coke 12-pack: week of august 29, 2011

Hey friends! We are mere minutes away from the holiday weekend and I can’t wait! This weekend promises so many good things. Vacation, COLLEGE FOOTBALL (go Noles!) and general awesomeness. Start out your holiday weekend with these sweet links. Enjoy!


Alright kiddos! That’s all she wrote. See you in a week! Xoxo.

diet coke 12-pack: week of july 25, 2011.

Who’s ready to troll the Internet? Well, you’re here, so you’ve already got a head start, don’t you? And what better place to start than FBDC?

Here are some fun things I found on the webbernets this week. It’s not an extensive list, but quality over quantity  y’all! Enjoy, and have a great weekend! I’ll see all you lovers on Tuesday!


That’s all, folks!

diet coke 12-pack: week of june 6, 2011

Legitimate bloggers do this thing at the end of the week where they give their readers links to other cool stuff on the Internet. Because I want to be a legit blogger when I grow up, I’m gonna start doing that. Each Friday I’ll put out a list of the cool things I found while trolling the interwubz that week  and, because I’m oh-so-clever, call it my DIET COKE 12-PACK.

(I’ll give you a moment or two for your applause for my genius to die down. Done now? Cool. Let’s move on.)


That’s all, friends! Have a great weekend. Oh I almost forgot! I’m giving you a homework assignment:

Hug someone who needs it.