things i love thursday — SPECIAL BIRTHDAY EDITION! (december 1, 2011)

Happy birthday to me! I am 26 years YOUNG today!

How awesome is it that my birthday has fallen on a Thursday this year? I have so much to be thankful for today (and everyday.) My husband, friends, and coworkers are spoiling me rotten today.

Here’s a special birthday THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY list. Enjoy!


  • Awesome gifts! My husband got me the Harry Potter 8 film set and Mockingjay to round out my collection of The Hunger Games series and my coworker got me a make your own sushi kit, a notebook, and some dresses!
  • Winning NaNoWriMo! I set out to give myself a novel (50,000 words) in 30 days and I ACTUALLY did it! (Sorry I slacked a little on the blog…)
  • Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr are blowing up! You know, I question the value of social media every day of the year but this one.
  • My phone battery is almost dead, too! I feel so loved!
  • Having a brownie for breakfast, courtesy of my fellow NaNoWriMo winner, Sarah!
  • Birthday coffee on the boss!
  • A decorated cubicle, complete with balloons (as seen above.)
  • Lunch on Zack!
  • Playing music with my friends tonight — a pretty great way to end the day!
  • Exclamation points! Ha.
  • All of my birthday twins.
  • Birthday dinner plans.
  • Seeing my new (to me) and much larger cube! I get to move in sometime in the coming weeks. Yeah!
  • So many chips and so much salsa.
  • Hamlet and Romeo being super cute in the morning. (Even though they wake me up no later than 6AM everyday…)
  • All of the wonderful things that are in store for me in my 26th year, both the known and unknown.

Thanks so much for making my birthday so great! You all really know how to make a girl feel special. 🙂

Cheers to 26!