things i love thursday! (July 19, 2012)

This week’s TILT comes a day late (deal with it) and at the steadily typing fingers of Lindsay’s husband Dan (again, deal with it).

Lindsay wants you, her readers, to know one thing for which she is thankful this week: This little guy!

Dax Arthur

Born THURSDAY, July 19, at 1:34am. 8lbs, 4oz, and 20.2in long.

So little baby Dax is what Lindsay loves this Thursday…and Friday…and Saturday…and everyday for the rest of her life.

diet coke 12-pack: week of july 25, 2011.

Who’s ready to troll the Internet? Well, you’re here, so you’ve already got a head start, don’t you? And what better place to start than FBDC?

Here are some fun things I found on the webbernets this week. It’s not an extensive list, but quality over quantity  y’all! Enjoy, and have a great weekend! I’ll see all you lovers on Tuesday!


That’s all, folks!

special FBDC programming note.

Just a heads up — this week, I’m afraid there will be no TILT or 12-pack; I will be heading to Cincinnati to party for four days and watch two of my favorite people tie the knot. Tuesday Tip and part 1 of The Rexia Series are still coming your way, though!

Happy Monday, favorite people. Do work.

don’t let it snow.

I’ve been cranky for the past 24 hours for two reasons.

#1. I’ve had a migraine for two days. I’ve had migraines since birth and they usually last at least two days for me. When I was little, they made me throw up, but I’ve since trained myself to hold it together. I’ve seen doctors for it, but I can never afford the medication I need. ($200 for nine pills, and I need two pills per migraine.) My friend gave me some of her prescription medication. I’m eternally grateful since I didn’t have to pay for it, however it leaves me with horrible side effects of dry mouth, nausea, and aching muscles. So no, I can’t feel my headache anymore thanksforasking but I do feel as though I have the flu.

#2. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Snow. In. Florida. And this would be the SECOND time that it has snowed in Florida this winter.

Now, please, I work in news. I am fully aware of the fact that just over 63% of the United States is blanketed in white powder. And my friends who live up north claim that I have no cause for complaint. But I disagree. To all my friends who are up to their noses in snow right now: you chose to live up north, crazies! I chose to live in Florida, THE SUNSHINE STATE. I chose beaches, 110 degree summers, 70 degree winters, and 100% humidity. That’s what I signed up for. Not snow. And my migraines are triggered by changes in barometric pressure. So precipitation will undoubtedly aggravate my already throbbing skull, and frozen precipitation will only make me angry on top of that.

I’m being weather raped.

You think I can convince my Chicagoan husband to move to the equator with me?

third time’s a charm and the producer pants.

Clean show three days in a row! I’m so proud! If I pull off a straight week of clean shows, I may have to throw a party and invite you all over to celebrate. I don’t make enough money to provide you with refreshments, I’m afraid. Sorry. You can bet that high fives will be in abundance, though. But before that, we must discuss day three.

Today I had to rock my producer pants in force. What? You don’t know what producer pants are? You’re telling me you don’t own any producer pants? Everyone needs a pair of producer pants.

In order to be a producer, one must be assertive and authoritative. One must know what one wants, and go for it, no matter what anyone else says, thinks, or does. Despite the job description and my glaring lack of a backbone, I decided that this career was one for me. But it didn’t take this doormat-people-pleaser long to realize that the laid-back passive personality God gave me is definitely not one to mesh with that of a producer. In short, I need to grow some balls.

So in lieu of said balls, I’ve started envisioning putting on my “producer pants,” an invisible garment that gives me all the confidence and resolve in the world needed for me to be in charge. At the end of the day, I take off the producer pants before I leave work so I can resume my usual submissive demeanor for interaction with my husband and friends.

I noticed a PKG on the rundown that I really wanted to run in my show. However, it was done by a reporter that the 6pm producer ALWAYS runs. So, before today’s afternoon meeting, I donned my producer pants. The 6pm producer picked her first two stories, the 5:30pm producer picked his first two stories, and the PKG was left unselected. Feeling the power of the pants, I snagged that PKG as well as another VO/SV that the 6pm producer wanted but didn’t get to in time! Ha!

But I’ve since removed my producer pants, and am now feeling the ravaging guilt for upsetting the 6pm producer. She’s wonderful and I adore her. Sigh. It’s a good thing we’re still friends!

Anyone have a spare pair of balls? Or should I never take off my producer pants?