thoughts on election day.

Gonna keep this short and sweet.

My husband and I are on opposite sides of the aisle. One red, one blue. Last night, we shared a cheap American beer and pored over the sample ballots we got in the mail a couple weeks ago, discussing the nominees for each race, as well as the proposed state constitutional amendments. We had polite, political discourse about who/what we’d each vote for today, thankful to live in a country where we can not only have opposing views but be open and honest about them.

Then, we went to bed. Yes, the same bed. We even kissed each other goodnight.

This morning, I woke up and headed to the polls, feeling both confident about my choices and thankful to have a mate who, while he might not always agree with me, fully supports me and my views and always encourages me to think freely.

Then I got on Facebook.

Damnit, you guys. Why all the hate?

My husband and I are a prime example of how you can have differing political views and still treat each other with respect. I’m not asking all of you to make out with me or anything but GOOD LORD can we keep the hate to a minimum? 

Just because someone is a Democrat doesn’t mean he or she is a mooch without a job.

Just because someone is a Republican doesn’t mean he or she hates gay people.

Just because someone is non-partisan doesn’t mean he or she is a terrorist.

The meaner you are, the more fervently you bully people, doesn’t make you smarter than anyone. It makes you a douchebag. Plain and simple. As a parent, the hatred and disrespect I’ve seen on social media surrounding this election in particular is dumbfounding to me; can you imagine what it might look like in eighteen years when my baby boy is old enough to vote? To cast a ballot containing his views and beliefs? I hope and pray that, despite what hateful and ignorant things people might say to him, he grows up knowing that his opinions are not only permissible but are to be celebrated. THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

Even though we think differently, we’re all Americans. We’re all on the same team — a team that was founded on the right to to be yourself, no matter who you are or who you vote for.

If you are able to, please vote today. Your opinion matters. You matter. To this country and to the world.

things i love thursday! (october 11, 2012)

And we’ve made it through another week! This one was way better than last week, by far. Here’s why!


  • Playing music. Like. A LOT.
  • Eating lots of barbecue.
  • Seeing Libby play a show.
  • Letting Libby’s lovely folky goodness lull Dax to sleep in my Maya Wrap.
  • The Maya Wrap, actually. It’s so snuggly and wonderful!
  • Getting tons of sleep and cuddles with my baby boy.
  • Warm coffee in cool(er) autumn air.
  • Crunchy leaves!
  • Big salads. (Seriously.)
  • Getting to see the POOLES! They’re spoiling me, coming to town so frequently! I even got to hang out with Kylin!
  • She called us out for having a dirty kitchen, though.
  • Getting lunch with Zack and Libby.
  • Deep text message conversations and lengthy emails.
  • Finding a picture of what I believe is my son in the very near future. I’m serious. This picture makes me believe in time travel because I’m almost 100% positive that it’s my son as a toddler.
  • “Project Dax Arthur.”
  • Dax was SO vocal last night. It was as if he was telling Dan and I all about his day. Ugh. Can he stop growing up so fast?
  • He’s huge.
  • Braids in my hair.
  • “Who the HECK wants to die alone…?”
  • Being a creepy stalker on the internet.
  • My husband using his horribly unkempt lazy beard to scratch my back. (Still shave it though, babe.)
  • My friends Kyle and Rebekah got engaged! Wooot! Bring on the wedding party times!

I’m sure there’s plenty more. But I’m out of time, ha. What about you? Leave your list in the comments!

things i love thursday! (september 27, 2012)

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope your week has been great. Since coming back to work, Thursdays have a whole new level of awesome surrounding them because they mean there is only one more day to the weekend, which means only one more day until I can be with my little guy full time again!


  • Getting YouTube videos of my son from Dan during the workday. PRICELESS.
  • “Fall” weather! (In Florida, all that means is that the temperature dips below 90 for a second. But it affords us the opportunity to bust out our boots, cardigans, and actually purchase hot lattes from Starbucks as opposed to iced.)
  • Speaking of — pumpkin spice lattes with soy milk. But not from Starbucks. From Redeye. (The Starbucks syrup turns my tongue orange which is NOT CUTE.)
  • Getting a visit at work from my two favorite boys! Dan and Dax! I even got Dax out of his car seat to snuggle him. Then he began to fuss because, well, I selfishly woke him from a nap in order to cuddle him BUT WHATEVER.
  • Being instructed by my husband to sit and just hold Dax and let him clean the whole house. WELL IF YOU INSIST…
  • Seeing the POOLES! Jack and Dax (seen above) are gonna be besties. They bonded over our awkward photo sesh in which we haphazardly propped them up against the couch and counted the seconds before Dax melted down (it was dinner time).  You can see how concerned Jack is. He knew the meltdown was imminent.
  • Eating dinner one-handed.
  • The Bears won, too!
  • Good night’s sleeps and productive nap times.
  • Being able to spend all day on Sunday with my little man.
  • Seeing Courtney again!
  • Getting an amazing voice mail from her as well. I saved it and wish I could transcribe it and put it in my BDF.
  • Meeting Ashley, finally!
  • Going jogging as a family.
  • Getting a lovely visit from Sydney at work, complete with breakfast and a latte! Nom!
  • Photo shoot outtakes.
  • Getting my hair did on my lunch break. (P.S. the last time I got my hair did, I was 35 weeks pregnant. My son is 10 weeks old today. You do the math.)
  • Free shirts.
  • Fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans! AHHH it’s like I’m getting a whole new wardrobe, one pair of pants at a time!
  • Catching up via email.
  • Seeing other people hold and love on my baby.
  • The fact that none of the contestants got last night’s Final Jeopardy clue but I DID! #smarterthaneveryone #beavis&butthead
  • Gratuitous hashtag use outside of Twitter. #idowhatiwant
  • Lunch with Nora. Always a great conversation with that girl!
  • People randomly complimenting my appearance. That’s just. Wow. Music to a new mom’s ears.
  • Seeing THIS and hoping someone will make one for Dax before he’s too huge!
  • And, finally, smiles and laughs from my baby boy. They are too precious! (They’re also too quick to snap a photo as of right now. Soon, though!)

What do you love this week?

things i love thursday! (august 23, 2012)

This past week someone came into our apartment in the night and swapped out our sweet newborn for an inexplicably fussy one. Could be a growth spurt, could be colic. Not sure. But either way, there have been lots of tears in the Durrenberger household over the past several days, which says a lot since Dax isn’t capable of producing tears yet. So please excuse my extremely late and sadly short TILT list. (But hey. At least I did one, right?)


  • Sleep.
  • Saturday Night Live on Hulu Plus.
  • New pants.
  • Being able to see some friends play a rock show.
  • Eating oysters and drinking beer.
  • Shopping for “non practical” things.
  • “Coffee with Moms” small group.
  • Hot showers.
  • Being hounded by Shelby and Josh to post a TILT list.
  • Having lunch and dinner with so many friends.
  • Being taken care of by my sweet husband.
  • My “usual” latte.
  • Cook outs.
  • Seeing Stratton!
  • New pregnancies.

What about you?

things i love thursday! (august 16, 2012)

My baby boy is four weeks old today! They grow up so fast, don’t they? Ha. Anyway. This week has been great. Here’s why…


  • Taking Dax on excursions.
  • Sleeping at night (even if it’s only in 2 hour increments).
  • Snuggles.
  • Sweet Emily coming over and making dinner for us, washing our dishes, falling victim to Dan “forcing” her to eat Marble Slab, and holding my baby WHILE giving me a massage. (Seriously. This lady is talented!)
  • A1 sauce.
  • Onion rings.
  • Having Hamlet sleep with us each night.
  • Bath time!
  • Discovering (and then watching the entire series of) “Up All Night”. YOU GUYS IT’S MY LIFE. SERIOUSLY. I AM WATCHING CHRISTINA APPLEGATE AND WILL ARNETT LIVE OUT MY LIFE kind of.
  • Sweet texts from friends.
  • Mail! Lots and lots of mail! INCLUDING international mail! Baby Dax is sporting some sweet London swag, y’all!
  • Tori visiting from out of town!
  • Being encouraged by my husband via Twitter.
  • Catching up with friends on the phone, even if it’s long overdue!
  • Having friends over for lunch.
  • Blowing through Mad Men.
  • Returning to bible study! And bringing Dax! (He was so good!)
  • Buffalo chicken and grilled cheese.
  • Meaningful conversations.
  • Meaningful conversations… with my cats.

What about you?

things i love thursday! (june 28, 2012)

Happy Thursday, my loves! This week has definitely been a crazy one — I thought I was in labor at one point! I’m not, don’t worry. But it won’t be long now before we turn this little bump into a little BOY!


  • Getting a pedicure! Nothing like it when you’re pregnant.
  • Meeting my husband for dinner.
  • Seeing Kelby at work! Even though that was, um, unexpected.
  • Working from home, horizontally.
  • Fun triage nurses.
  • Saturday morning bible study, complete with delicious breakfast and challenging conversation.
  • Securing the nickname “Contractions McGhee”.
  • A last minute maternity photo session with Sammie and Zack! Even though it was roughly a thousand degrees outside. (See photo.)
  • Being awkward.
  • Seeing Nora and Zack play music.
  • Lazy and quiet Sunday mornings.
  • Going to my “happy place” via a full body massage from Emily! (I HAVE SEEN HEAVEN.)
  • Homemade cookies.
  • Long naps.
  • My friends.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Sleeping 12 hours. No but seriously that happened.
  • “Nesting” kind of. I guess. Not really.
  • Being able to watch my husband succeed.
  • Free food.
  • S’mores brownies. Yes, you read that right.
  • Being complimented on my writing.
  • Fantasizing about getting my “sexy swagger” back.
  • Seriously though. I have the best friends ever.

What about you? Love it up, people!

things i love thursday! (june 21, 2012)

And another week is in the books, folks. Only five more weeks until I’m due to be a mommy. Despite the very real darkness of the week, I’m so blessed. And happy. Truly. I couldn’t ask for a better life.

Even the week of Father’s Day has been incredible. Check it out!


  • SEEING CATIE for the first time in YEARS! Holy reunion, Batman! She is so wonderful.
  • Iced french vanilla soy lattes. (Yes, I’m “that girl” with a snooty drink order. Deal with it.)
  • Seeing a car seat in the back of my car. Eeep!
  • Free coffee.
  • A dinner date at Carrabba’s with sweet Emily. Oh, how I love that girl!
  • Hearing my sweet baby boy’s heartbeat. Never gets old!
  • Being “forced” to rest.
  • Having Zack and Sammie over for dinner and Sherlock. Amazing!
  • Shrunken pork.
  • Pool parties!
  • Having the Hooker family over for dinner and nursery organization. Thanks to them, we’re almost ready for this baby!
  • Watching baby Isaiah eat. Ha.
  • Being productive but still relaxing on Father’s Day.
  • Being able to buy presents for my husband for his first Father’s Day!
  • Actually having a reason to celebrate Father’s Day despite… you know… all the crap associated with it.
  • Imposing margaritas on friends who clearly “need it”.
  • “Graduating” from our childbirth class. Very bittersweet!
  • Non-alcoholic champagne. Delicious!
  • Pizza and baby snuggles with the Menendez family!
  • BABY ISAAC IS SO SMALL and he took a nap on me!
  • Getting my hair done by Ejoy on my lunch break. I love that — not only do I get to go back to work looking fabulous, I also get to spend time with a good friend during the day!
  • Good bible study discussions that may or may not have veered dangerously off course.
  • Raiding Eric and Shana’s pantry without shame.
  • Engagements, pregnancies, life changes, oh my!
  • Scheming for office birthdays.
  • Morning snuggles with my love.
  • Having the best husband/baby daddy a girl could ask for.

That’s it for me. This week was awesome. Was it awesome for you? Tell me so!

things i love thursday! (june 14, 2012)

Happy Flag Day, y’all! (Is this seriously a thing?)

I’ve had about a week of good, solid, 8-hour-long sleeps, and I feel GREAT. Today is one of those days I want to turn on some really cheesy music and dance awkwardly around. Life is pretty great.

Here’s why!


  • Did you know that Reagan and Swayze were buds? Evidently in the land of Photoshop, that happens. (See photo.)
  • Having dinner with my husband.
  • Stopping by the dance studio and seeing Ashley (who had fun gifts for Dax)!
  • Lunch with some of my favorite people, including Zack at Sonny’s and ECase at Boston Market.
  • ZOMG barbecue. I haven’t had it in forever!
  • Fun birthday celebrations.
  • Cards Against Humanity. Oh. My. Goodness. I almost peed myself a thousand times.
  • Purple shades!
  • Fun.
  • Buffalo chicken pizza.
  • Lunch breaks at coffee shops.
  • A whole day with Dayle and Janelle, who also had gifts for Dax! Spoiled boy!
  • Janelle’s “monkey butt” story.
  • Cupcakes.
  • Going to the movies!
  • A lazy Sunday (that was actually pretty productive).
  • Our second to last childbirth class. Eep!
  • Yoga pants.
  • Ice packs.
  • “Buy one get one free” kittens. (Don’t worry, we didn’t get any. But the fact that a deal like that exists!)
  • Going on a mini-date with the hubs.
  • Being offered beer by our server! She couldn’t tell I was pregnant!
  • Happy lunches.
  • Sleeping through the night.
  • Purchasing an exercise ball to double as my “birth ball”. Currently, it serves as something I can lay on to relieve back pain. Ahhhh.
  • Snuggling with Hamlet.
  • Old school Sonic the Hedgehog. (Always.)
  • The fact that my kid is gonna have such a great dad.

Your turn! Make a list of love!

things i love thursday! (june 7, 2012)

YOU GUYS. IT IS THE MONTH BEFORE MY DUE DATE. Like. I’m due to have a baby next month. 

I can’t really wrap my brain around that right now, so let’s just get to this week’s list of love!


  • Seeing my husband at my doctor’s appointment! (He was supposed to be in a meeting and not able to attend. That was fun!)
  • Staying up way too late watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix in order to go…
  • DERPY HUNTING! (See photo.)
  • Lunch with Nora. Mostly getting my mind blown by the fact that she is only 3 degrees separated from Marshall Mathers.
  • Yes. That’s Eminem.
  • Seeing Elyse’s chunky little legs!
  • Bursting into tears while driving alone and thinking of my friends holding my baby in a few months. (Those were happy tears so they totally count!)
  • Dinner with the Hookers! They’re so awesome!
  • Getting to shower Heidi and Baby T!
  • Stopping by the park to say goodbye to a family at our church who is moving away. We’ll miss them, but the party was great! (Especially the cotton candy cupcakes! Yum!)
  • Eating out with my husband on “mini-dates”.
  • Being recognized at church on Sunday for a role from which I’m stepping down in order to focus on motherhood.
  • Hearing people compliment my son’s name.
  • Lunch with Lindsey. SO MUCH QUESO.
  • Dinner with the crew at Friday’s.
  • Our childbirth class, and seeing everyone get huger by the week. That’s amusing.
  • Baby Isaac is here! YAY!
  • Spending the night laughing and playing my new favorite card game with the Case family (even though I totally lost).
  • Bribing Levi to beat Dan. (Dollars have power to 9-year-olds, evidently.)
  • Gross lemonade.
  • Getting dinner with one of my favorite high school girls.
  • Iced vanilla lattes. Decaf, of course.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions! They’re weird and scary but they make me smile because they mean my body’s getting ready to do this thing!
  • Bible study, like usual.
  • My son distracting the whole of said bible study by doing the wave on my belly all night.
  • “Stoplies!”
  • Baby Isaiah laughs! So great!
  • Morning snuggles with the hubs.
  • When baby Dax gets the hiccups! (Got them right now!)
  • Life!

What’s on your list this week?

things i love thursday! (may 31, 2012)

The last day of May. I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe I got too busy to do a list last week. Oh well — here we go!


  • How precious is this picture of Romeo? Seriously.
  • Having a date night in, complete with mini deep dish pizzas, ice cream, and Netflix.
  • Watching random documentaries about bizarre people.
  • Spending a day to finally (!!!) put our house together (for the most part).
  • Washing all of Dax’s clothes, only to get gifted two more boxes worth!
  • “Sleeping in” till 8.
  • Relaxation exercises at our childbirth class.
  • Spending a Sunday morning at home with the handsome fellow you see pictured above.
  • Hamlet, too. I guess. 😉
  • Getting to see Jessica while she’s in town!
  • Homemade strawberry pie. Oh. Em. Gee.
  • Finding out I’M ALLOWED TO EAT COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM. (Okay this may have seemed like a no-brainer but when you’re pregnant, there are so many foods you have to avoid because they’re dangerous to the baby, I was starting to get a little sad.)
  • Bison burgers and half sours from Ted’s with awesome people!
  • “Later.”
  • Unexpectedly getting to hang out with sweet baby Isaiah! He almost crawled for me (next time, maybe!) and he definitely cuddled me and fell asleep in my arms. (He also snotted and drooled all over my shirt but it was SO WORTH IT!)
  • Getting to shower Ashley and Baby Jack, who will be here so SOON! YAY!
  • Having a FOR REAL conversation with Kylin. That kid is smarter than me, I think.
  • Having Nora come over and help me organize the apartment.
  • Feeling sweet baby Dax move all the time and, of course, getting to hear his heartbeat!
  • Big salads.
  • Finding out about more pregnant friends!
  • Baking cookies. Like, for real though! Not break-and-bakes! REAL COOKIES!
  • Impromptu midweek hangouts.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • My bestie got a new truck! That’s fun! We also get to hang out tonight which is awesome!
  • Body pillows.
  • Sleep.
  • Cuddles.

My life rules! What do you love?