about the writer.


things i actually am: wife and mom (the best job everrrr), Christ-follower, church staff member, perfectionist, people-pleaser, reader, writer, communicator, lover, friend.

things i wish i was: seasoned chef, published author, lead singer of a punk band, songwriter, painter, interior designer,  hipster, dolphin.

Lindsay Durrenberger is the wife of Dan, mother to Dax and Case, and cat-mother to Romeo. She lives in North Florida and when she’s not blogging you can find her reading young adult fiction and listening to NPR.

To contact Lindsay about writing a guest post for you, or to inquire about speaking engagements, email Lindsay here.

22 thoughts on “about the writer.

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog; I’m very new at this. We have some things in common:) I am actually a wife, Christ follower, youth leader, perfectionist, reader, writer as well. I also wish I was a seasoned chef, published author, and interior designer:)
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

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  3. Hi Lindsay! I love your blog. I grew up in sweet ol’ Tallahassee but I currently live in Ft. Lauderdale. Some days I really miss it because my family lives there. Anywho, congrats on Freshly Pressed!:)


  4. Saw your post off Freshly Pressed (congrats!) and moseyed on over. We are almost twins! Except for being a youth leader, I am also a marketing coordinator, Christ-follower, reader, writer, etc, etc. Nice blog.

  5. I love the name of your blog – i used to be a strict Diet Coke person , but now I swtch off between Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Ginger Ale – Canada Dry.

  6. Hey Lindsay 🙂 I found your blog while looking up “drunkorexia” and I ended up at the post you wrote about it in 2011. I just want to say that your post was really helpful for me. I’ll definitely be reading the rest of your blog and any new posts to come ^_^ Thank you for writing about these things, it gives me hope that I can recover from my eating and drinking problems someday 🙂

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