enjoy the song you’re currently listening to.

I’ve started running seriously again and, as I’ve said before, what you listen to on your run is totally half the battle. (It’s possibly even more than half but LET’S BE HONEST, I’m even more terrible at math than I am at running so let’s just move on.)

My run this morning was particularly laborious. Not only is is already full-blown summer here, so the 90-degree-already-and-rising heat was mercilessly beating down on me like a fiery fist, browning up my arms with a quickness, but the wind was also crashing against me (and poor Dax in the jogging stroller) with full force which made it feel like I was trying to run through a wall.

So naturally every bone, cell, and fiber of my being was calling out to me, “Why are we doing this? This really sucks. Please stop doing this. Please go back home and put us back on the couch so we can die in the comfort of our own home.”

And I really wanted to.

Then a really silly song came on my running playlist and I made a genuine effort to move my attention to the song from the pain in my body and just enjoy the music. And it worked.

Then the next song came on just as my body started to scream more furiously at me. And I focused on THAT song and pushed through.

And that was my mantra for the rest of the run. Just try and enjoy each song, each as its own little piece of art, from beginning to end. Keep the legs moving, keep the breath going, and just enjoy the song. And you know what? I didn’t die. I finished the run and perspired a good gallon of sweat then took a shower and I felt great. And now I’m blogging. BLOGGING! Like I’m supposed to!

Not to be a total downer, but I think it’s safe to say that when we walk through this life, pain is inevitable. Disappointment is pretty much par for the course. People are going to let us down, our jobs are going to get frustrating, our families are going to be strained, and some of our relationships are going break apart. And all of that sucks. Just like when I’m running and hate it, my M.O. when life gets rough is to shut out the world and ball up on the couch and die a little bit.

But by doing so, I miss out on the “songs” I’m currently listening to, or the art surrounding me: my son’s laugh, the blue sky, the grass between my toes, good food (particularly PASTA!), and so on.

If we shift our focus from our obvious and inevitable hurts to the hidden art around us, we can get through each day. We can finish this hard run, one song at a time, and be better for it.

What “songs” are you listening to currently? What “art” can you appreciate today?

4 thoughts on “enjoy the song you’re currently listening to.

  1. Loved this post!! i had my own run like that last night (thank goodness tonight was an “off night” because my legs are still sore!) but I totally agree with you, one song at a time keeps me moving. I’ve even declared certain songs as “power songs” and when they play (I never know when that is thanks to the good ole shuffle button) I run until the song ends or my legs fall off, whichever happens first. I’d love to know what songs you were talking about, I’m training for my first half marathon and I’m always looking for new tunes! Some of my favorites to run to are:

    Cannonball by Lea Michele
    Just Like We Dreamed it – Disneyland Resort Paris
    Waiting for Tomorrow by Mandisa
    Overcomer by Mandisa
    Live Like a Warrior by Nick Pitera
    She’s So Gone by Lemonade Mouth
    When Can I See You Again (from Wreck it Ralph) by Owl City
    Not Your Cinderella by Payton Rae
    Closer, Faster by Against The Current
    It’s Not Just Make Believe by Kari Kimmel

  2. I have never truly enjoyed running myself, but I will comment and say that having a good playlist does help. for me personally it would seem as though I enjoy running now

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