i need a “thing”.

Before I start, I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of my friends that have reached out to me via phone call, text, or email to let me know that they’re thinking of me in my time in transition. It has given me life and I am grateful.


A week or so before we moved, Dan and I went on a date. We went to a steakhouse for dinner and then saw Iron Man 3 (zomg RDJ you sly devil you, working your way into a date with my husband; embarrassing!). Halfway through dinner, I asked Dan to give me a quick recap of the first two movies so I could know what to expect for the third.

When he was done loosely wrapping up the plot, some things piqued my interest about the movies’ overlap with the comic books. So I started asking questions.

Like, a lot of questions.

And was genuinely interested.

We had a very lengthy me-initiated conversation about comic books. And then, we went to see a move about a comic book character. LIKE 80% OF OUR DATE WAS COMPRISED OF COMIC BOOKS. WHAT.

This is worth noting because comic books are Dan’s “thing”. Not my “thing”.

This got me thinking. Do I even have a thing? I asked Dan that.

“Writing! Writing’s your thing!”

“NO,” I snapped, “you majored in English. That doesn’t count. We can’t go on a date and have you ask me any questions about writing to which you don’t already know the answers.”

“That’s true.”

“I need a thiiiiiiing,” I whined, “preferably before we move to Naples so I can do that thing once I get there.”

Well. I got to Naples and, if the last week of me being at home alone staring at my rather cranky 10-month-old has told me anything, I still don’t have a thing.

Here’s my invitation for “thing” (hobby) suggestions. I’m open to mostly anything, except anything math related because, in my mind, 2 + 5 = purple.

Let me have it: what should be my thing? Comment. Go.

8 thoughts on “i need a “thing”.

  1. yeah what about photography and playing keyboard and always having awesome hair? you have lots of things. But if you need another, it could be cleaning lindsey’s room from hundreds of miles away. That would be a really cool thing. orrrrrr you could take up cooking/painting/yoga/scrapbooking/or whatever it is people do when they have those big needles and balls of yarn. 🙂

    PS… from one person who doesn’t have a thing to another, i totally feel ya…. so feel free to shoot ideas back my way. although soon, my thing will be to not have lots of things and live off of what i can carry on my back. soooo….

  2. In fifth grade, I decided monkeys would be my “thing” and my crush at the time decided donkeys would be his “thing” & we would argue back and forth about which was better the whole year. I thought we were in love. Then in sixth grade he dated one of my best friends for three days. To this day I am still just as bad at flirting.

    I think the moral of this comment is that sometimes people rely on “things” too much in the place of actual substantial interests. Though I’m kind of looking for a thing too (because the world won’t let me have “cat videos on the Internet”)

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