to be known and, yet, loved.

I think it’s safe to say that there are few things in life we want more than to be totally known and still loved at the same time. If you were to break down each and every insecurity I have to its bare bones, you’d probably find this deep-seated desire.

To be known and, yet, loved.

This blog has been the vehicle by which I achieve self-love. By being honest and vulnerable in my writing, I’ve learned how to look myself in the mirror — through my reflection as well as at it — and be fully delighted in the image before me. (Well, for the most part. We never really arrive, do we?)

But, as far as letting other people love me, I’m not entirely sure I’m there yet. I still seek it. I still crave it. I still wish to, whether it be romantically, familially, or relationally, be surrounded by a small, yet fierce group of individuals who know every deep, dark, twisted ingredient to my soul and still find me worthy of love. However, despite this burning passion (which, as I learned recently, comes from a Greek word that actually appropriately means “willingness to suffer”) to be known and loved, I still find myself holding back out of fear.

I’m just so scared to let many people get close enough.

They get kind of close, I guess. Pretty close, even. But not that close. Not close enough to “smell my farts”, if you will. (Confused? Refer back to this post.)

I lamented over this desire to a friend over lunch last week. As I clumsily poked at my thai noodle soup with my cheap, splintery chopsticks, swirling the chives and roasted duck in a deep brown broth, I breathed my fear into the steam rising from the bowl.

“I’m just so worried I’ll get found out, you know?”

And there it is.

You begin a relationship with someone and, at first, everything is perfect. Everything is coming up roses, as they say. But, as time passes, you get “found out” — the roses begin to wilt and droop, leaving behind a soggy soil of past regrets, hurts, and insecurities. That can be scary. It is, at least, for me.

“When I first met you, I knew you were a hot mess,” my friend replied.

Well, okay but tell me how you really feel?

“But that’s not you anymore,” he clarified. “And those who really know you know that.”

A statement almost as comforting as thai noodle soup. Almost.

The story isn’t over when the roses wilt. If the soil is still there — albeit quite messy — beautiful things, lovely things, can still spring from it.

Allowing someone to get close enough to you to bend down and work their fingers through your dirty soil also allows them to plant seeds of life — beautiful words of encouragement, trust, and, yes, even love can foster the growth of a gorgeous garden of a real life worth loving. A real relationship with a real person worth celebrating.

The ability to be known and, even still, adored.

3 thoughts on “to be known and, yet, loved.

  1. working the soil and allowing life to spring forth is an amazing visual! I hope to find a love that is willing to get his hands dirty. (I just cracked myself up!) thanks for the lovely post and the giggle! CaraW

  2. Reblogged this on Sisterly Souls and commented:
    The first thought I had when I woke up today is Thank God It’s Thursday! Why? Because my Wednesday pretty much sucked. Well, it didn’t completely suck. In the end I got exactly what my heart and soul truly needed: to be known and, yet, loved (borrowed phrase from fueled by diet cokes’ recent blog post).

    I had planned on writing about my experience, the vulnerability I was feeling and the end result of finding acceptance. In fact, I was actually in the middle of writing said blog post when I decided to take a quick look at my Reader and saw that blog title. Those words struck my soul like a bolt of lightning, immediately turning on my emotional faucet and the tears started streaming. I hadn’t even read her blog post yet and already I knew what I was about to read was going to speak direclty to what I was feeling inside: a desire to share who I am all the way down to my messy core, and yet be and feel loved regardless of the seeds of insecurities that still exist in that place.

    Her blog post said everything I was feeling and more, so I am sharing it with you here. Hopefully you aren’t in the same messy place I was yesterday, but if you are I hope these words help to you know that you are not alone.



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