One thought on “mirenaIUDfail

  1. Hi, sorry for all the problems you had with the iud. Myself im just looking for answers my girlfriend of 6 months had a iud put in about 4 months ago. We were so in love with each other never felt that way before. I know she loved me I would always but a smile on her face. And in just over night she was confused didn’t know why she lost feelings almost like she’s bitter towards me.she told me over and over it wasn’t me. I researched and called nurses they told me it’s a good chance the iud has something to to with and she has been having heavy bleeding and pain. She told me a couple days ago she doesn’t want any relationship write now. But texted me after and told me she’s getting it removed. It’s to the point were she don’t even text back, I haven’t texted her in a couple days just wondering am I doing the wright thing and waiting for her to text me. I love this girl don’t want to lose her over this iud.

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