things i love thursday! (december 6, 2012)

Happy birthday to me, y’all! I turned 27 on Saturday so, obviously, I have a lot to be thankful for this week.



  • My epic birthday weekend!
  • My awesome husband for putting that together.
  • Birthday dinner at the Melting Pot.
  • Libby taking on Dax for round two. (She won this time!)
  • Butterbeer cupcakes.
  • My Harry Potter themed birthday party and the fact that Dax (for the most part) slept right through it!
  • Sleep. Always and forever.
  • Getting visited at work by my two favorite guys.
  • Praying over text message. Oh, technology.
  • Getting to hang out with Nora a lot because…
  • … we played a show together on Saturday! What a great birthday gift.
  • The season of Advent.
  • Dedicating our baby to God in front of our community.
  • Dinner with the crew after church, just like old times!
  • A happy, smiley, adaptable baby that allows us to drag him everywhere.
  • Hulu Plus and Netflix.
  • Dinner with the Mocks at Piggy’s.
  • Running into another family from our childbirth class! Baby Oliver is so cute!
  • Friending said family on Facebook so I don’t have to keep praying I just randomly run into them around town anymore.
  • My counselor.
  • MY AWESOME MOM, whose birthday was yesterday!
  • A delicious, fun, agenda-free lunch with this dude.
  • Coffeeeeeee.
  • My friends and family. I have the best life.

What do you love this week? 

3 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (december 6, 2012)

  1. My fave thing this week was the video of Dax getting all excited over the rattle i bought him. That even topped my birthday activities!

  2. Yay for awesome Birthday weekends and congratulations on Dax’s dedication!! I was over the moon excited for you!!

    *My little man who loves me even when I mess up!
    *A reassuring phone call from my Dr. About blood work following some scary findings on an ultrasound!
    *My new, amazingly adorable niece!
    * My baby brother having a baby of his own and our kids getting the chance to grow up together!
    * My husband having 3 days off in a row!
    *My husband’s schedule changing which allows him to be home before dark!
    * My amazing psychiatrist who assured me that I’m doing a good job and I AM strong enough, good enough, worthy enough to have the happiness I deserve!
    * My piano, which remains my greatest outlet and the best therapy EVER!!

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