friday favorite: black nails.

Not sure why, but I’ve always felt like a sexy vixen (rawr) whenever I paint my nails black. While it’s extremely rare that I have the time to paint my nails any color these days, I was able to snag some time last weekend to finally sit down and give myself a little nail-love with my favorite OPI.

I was always that girl who, at slumber parties, painted her nails something other  than pink or purple. I always went for the crazy, weird colors. And once I discovered black, well, I never went back, as they say. Therefore, I feel the most like myself when my nails are black, as weird as that sounds. And after a week of second guessing things about my character, it was nice to be able to bring myself back to center, even if it was in the most minuscule way.

Your turn! What’s your favorite thing about yourself this week? Comment, ready GO!

2 thoughts on “friday favorite: black nails.

  1. My best thing about me this week was I went to the gym every single day. I have made it a promise to myself to take care of my body so that I can be of service to others! It will take effort to keep it up but I got the man upstairs on my side.

  2. Hey, they looks really good. are you still keeping that color? I personally find it suits you, also because you feel confident with it.
    Sorry for not introducing.

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