friday favorite: my eyes.

Welcome to the first installment of an indefinitely long self-love blog series called friday favorites. Each Friday, I’ll post a blog highlighting something about myself I really dig as an act of self-love discipline.

And so, without further ado, this week’s favorite is my eyes. 

Pretty much everyone on my mom’s side of the family has blue eyes. Blonde hair, too. There’s no denying the European influence in our genes. But our eyes, and I guess mine for the sake of this blog, are especially rad. Not only are they cool because they’re a pretty color (not unlike the sky or ocean!) but they’re recessive. So that means that, eventually, they won’t exist anymore. People with eyes like mine will be just as mythical as unicorns. I love that! (By the way, I’m working off of the assumption that unicorns DID exist at one point, so don’t try to refute that with your “facts” and “science”.)

I’m practically a unicorn!

While I was pregnant, Dan kept praying that our son would get my eyes. Because of their unicorn-like tendencies, and Dan’s dominant brown eyes, I was skeptical. All babies are born with blue eyes, so for the time being, Dan’s prayer has  been answered. So that’s another reason I love my eyes — because I can see them in my son.

However, a good friend of ours was so bold as to say that, based on the shade of blue they are now, she thinks Dax’s eyes will stay blue like mine! What do you think?

Gotta be honest. I hope so!

Okay, now here’s the part where you chime in. Because I’m not doing this alone, y’all. What’s your favorite thing about yourself this week? Comment and tell me!

4 thoughts on “friday favorite: my eyes.

  1. I’ve been looking at old home movies of myself as a kid and I really had some awesome blond curls and cute turned up nose….It’s funny how you look at yourself differently as you grow up….I didn’t think I was cute at all when I was young but I really was. HOWEVER, that being said, it’s kinda superficial to be looking at outer beauty when what really counts is on the inside. So I would have to say what I love about myself is the fact that Jesus has given me umpteen billion chances to get myself right…He not only chases down the one sheep that He loses but it occurred to me this morning that He also reigns in those who are trying to stray. I am so stupid, make the same mistakes over and over and He is so patient with me. I must be ok if He loves me that much!
    God bless you, my beautiful daughter. And my wonderful grandson and fabulous son-in-law too!

  2. These photos don’t even do either of your eyes justice! I really do think those baby blues are here to stay 🙂

    Also, I love my hands. And Kylin’s are exactly the same.

    • aw i wish my super talented photographer friend was in town to document my eyeballs!

      also i LOOOOVE your hands, too! they are so gorgeous and elegant! and i love that baby girl got them, too. 🙂

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