things i love thursday! (august 2, 2012)

So. We’ve been blessed with a newborn who refuses to be happy unless he’s held. This makes blogging quite difficult.

But at any rate, we have lots of things to love this week. Here we go!


  • My baby boy smiling and laughing in his sleep. So stinkin’ precious.
  • Pretty much everything that my baby boy does. Minus the crying.
  • Naps.
  • Being able to spend time with my mom and my husband and my baby boy.
  • Watching an insane amount of Netflix/Hulu Plus.
  • Speaking of — I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Mad Men but Pawn Stars is hilarious!
  • The fact that me being a honey badger has caught on like wildfire.
  • Being blessed by our community in so many ways since Dax was born.
  • Packages and letters in the mail! Like, the snail kind!
  • Anonymous gifts. Wow. God is so good.
  • Being able to go out to dinner for our third wedding anniversary.
  • Delicious steak and red wine. Yum.
  • Getting dressed up! (Let’s be real — getting dressed PERIOD.)
  • Taking baby boy out to show him off.
  • Getting so many visitors.
  • Having Elizabeth Joy stop by to hang out and also getting to SHOWER while she was here! (Dax won’t sleep unless he’s held.)
  • My cute, wonderful family.

What do you love?