things i love thursday! (august 30, 2012)

Pfft pfft pfft pfft.

Oh. Don’t mind me. I’m just brushing the cobwebs off my blog.

Each week gets away from me faster than the week before that. I hate it. I only have just over two more weeks until I go back to work. But at any rate, life rules, and here’s why.


  • My little CK model.
  • Running into Emily all over the place!
  • One-handed nutritional breakfasts and snacks. Again, thanks Emily.
  • Sacred echoes.
  • Affirming lunch meetings.
  • Being able to let Dan have a full day with Dax.
  • Only being ten pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Breastfeeding is magic, y’all. I haven’t exercised a bit.
  • Getting out of the house.
  • Visitors! Especially when they bring baby clothes and a toddler! (Yay Ashley!)
  • Buying “impractical” things for myself. (Read: clothes.)
  • Showing up to church tired and barely put together and having someone I don’t even know call me “gorgeous” for “just having a baby.” Psh. STOPPPP.
  • Special deliveries at the house.
  • Having a “usual order” at the coffee shop. And having the baristas know it.
  • Snuggling in bed with both of my boys.
  • Dax and Hamlet tag-teaming some cuddles.
  • Having curly hair. Yep. You read that right.
  • “Fuss-free” days with Dax.
  • Getting word that Becky bought us tickets to see FSU play this weekend!
  • Libby, for helping us out by babysitting!
  • Mary, for babysitting last minute so Dan and I could go out to dinner last night.
  • Peach sangria.
  • Catching up with Felicite FINALLY.
  • Dream-smiles (he’ll wake-smile soon, I KNOW IT!) and coos from my sweet boy.
  • “Stefon” on SNL: “It’s a hoomba. You know, it’s that thing, where a midget lays on a skateboard and rolls around your house picking up garbage.” OMG I DIED.
  • Gripe water.
  • Baby bath time.
  • Quiet car rides.
  • Having prayers be answered.
  • Sleeping long enough to dream.

What about you? What do you love this week?

7 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (august 30, 2012)

  1. I love that I can call you randomly about “you know, Peter” and you know what I’m talking about, you don’t act perturbed that at calling you at dinner time in the middle of the week (when you have a newborn and probably more important things than “you know, Peter” to talk about) AND you EVEN contribute and share in my madness, which makes me fell a little less mad 🙂

  2. What do I love this week? My beautiful curly haired-daughter, my handsome son-in-law and awesome baby grandson. I am truly blessed beyond measure!
    P.S. I have also had 2 compliments on my curly hair this week. There must be something curly in the air! 😉

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