check out that sweet bod.

I really love this graphic. I’d seen it before, but a friend posted it on my Facebook this week and reminded me of its existence. It says so much while saying so little — look at all these delicious fruits, whose shapes hold no bearing on how nutritious and yummy they are!

When I first saw this, that’s as far as my brain took it. But after seeing it again this week, I’ve since gotten a new perspective. Even food isn’t safe from being scrutinized for its appearance.

Much of the world’s food is thrown away for not “looking” appetizing enough. Grocery stores are chock full of genetically modified fruits that are designed to be bigger and better looking than their natural counterparts. We’re conditioned to think that because a fruit looks smaller or different from the “perfect”, blemish-free genetically modified foods, that they must be less fresh, less tasty, or less nutritious, while the reality is that the organic ones are actually better for you.

I don’t really need to draw the connection for you. I’m pretty sure you’re smart enough to do it yourself.

BRB, gonna go catch up with the tomato in my kitchen about how my mid-section is too squishy and ask it how it got so taut, while simultaneously offering it advice on how to reduce skin redness.



4 thoughts on “check out that sweet bod.

  1. I think about this a lot: How much waste I see happening because people are so prissy about the brown spots on their bananas or the soft spot on their peach… I read an article that said that when tomatoes are exposed to bugs (no pesticides), they produce a natural bug deterrent that creates more nutrients as a result. Makes me a little crazy that folks want everything to be so clinically clean…

    Not to mention the number of times I’ve seen women’s body types depicted as fruits in order to make them feel bad about how their jeans fit or what have you…

    Jeez. this is really turning into a rant… 😉

  2. I Iove both perspectives from this one little image. I heard a while ago that an apple should not be so shiny and should SMELL like an apple to find the ones without all the waxes and crap on them. Sounded silly to me but the next grocery store trip had me smelling all the apples until I found one that smelled the sweetest… And it was the dirtiest, dullest looking type of apple they had. That beautifully shiny red apple? Didn’t smell like anything. I’m now a big believer of judging your fruit by smell, not by appearance. 🙂

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