things i love thursday! (august 9, 2012)

Okay. So maybe it’s true that I don’t leave the house much. And maybe most of my days are pretty identical. And perhaps no one else in the world cares about what I’m up to since giving birth. But so what! I have love anyway! (And honesty, how could one not, when bathed in the afterglow of the miracle of childbirth?)

Perhaps that phrase wasn’t the best to use in this context.

No matter! Here’s this week’s list of love! (Pardon my sleep-deprived mommy brain, though. It might be shorter and less coherent than normal.)



  • That picture. Cracks me up!
  • Lots and lots of visitors!
  • Outings with the family.
  • The sling. Until Dax wakes up and hates it.
  • Not getting dressed all day.
  • Naps.
  • Free food.
  • Starbucks Refreshers.
  • Three Musketeers.
  • Banana pudding.
  • Seriously though. Food.
  • Getting e-cards for Dax from G-ma.
  • Not knowing what day it is.
  • Taking Dax to church for the first time! And then out to dinner! He fits in well with our group of friends.
  • Wine and beer!
  • Letting Dax snuggle friends who are having bad weeks.
  • Sweet cards and gifts in the mail. They keep coming!
  • Seeing Cameron for a hot second while she was in town!
  • Pawn Stars on Netflix.
  • Reading to Dax.
  • But not the hippopotamus! 
  • Letting people other than Dan or myself change Dax’s diapers.
  • The little noises Dax makes when he nurses or has his paci.
  • Life as a mommy.

What do you love this week?

2 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (august 9, 2012)

  1. What do I love this week? I love hearing about your week! Everything you, Dax and Dan do is music to my ears. I love you guys.

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