things i love thursday! (august 2, 2012)

So. We’ve been blessed with a newborn who refuses to be happy unless he’s held. This makes blogging quite difficult.

But at any rate, we have lots of things to love this week. Here we go!


  • My baby boy smiling and laughing in his sleep. So stinkin’ precious.
  • Pretty much everything that my baby boy does. Minus the crying.
  • Naps.
  • Being able to spend time with my mom and my husband and my baby boy.
  • Watching an insane amount of Netflix/Hulu Plus.
  • Speaking of — I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Mad Men but Pawn Stars is hilarious!
  • The fact that me being a honey badger has caught on like wildfire.
  • Being blessed by our community in so many ways since Dax was born.
  • Packages and letters in the mail! Like, the snail kind!
  • Anonymous gifts. Wow. God is so good.
  • Being able to go out to dinner for our third wedding anniversary.
  • Delicious steak and red wine. Yum.
  • Getting dressed up! (Let’s be real — getting dressed PERIOD.)
  • Taking baby boy out to show him off.
  • Getting so many visitors.
  • Having Elizabeth Joy stop by to hang out and also getting to SHOWER while she was here! (Dax won’t sleep unless he’s held.)
  • My cute, wonderful family.

What do you love? 

2 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (august 2, 2012)

  1. John went through that period where he wouldn’t sleep unless he was held and on his tummy! Even now he’s happiest and stops crying when held and if we’re standing up while doing it!
    ~house sitting with a pool and endless amounts of coffee!
    ~for the first time in a long time not worrying about rent being paid!
    ~relaxing bubble bath!

    • I love that “Things I love Thursday” is more or less about that stinkin’ cute boy of yours, I also love that I am coming to see that stinkin’ cute boy soon cause I need some face smooshing time!

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