things i love thursday! (june 28, 2012)

Happy Thursday, my loves! This week has definitely been a crazy one — I thought I was in labor at one point! I’m not, don’t worry. But it won’t be long now before we turn this little bump into a little BOY!


  • Getting a pedicure! Nothing like it when you’re pregnant.
  • Meeting my husband for dinner.
  • Seeing Kelby at work! Even though that was, um, unexpected.
  • Working from home, horizontally.
  • Fun triage nurses.
  • Saturday morning bible study, complete with delicious breakfast and challenging conversation.
  • Securing the nickname “Contractions McGhee”.
  • A last minute maternity photo session with Sammie and Zack! Even though it was roughly a thousand degrees outside. (See photo.)
  • Being awkward.
  • Seeing Nora and Zack play music.
  • Lazy and quiet Sunday mornings.
  • Going to my “happy place” via a full body massage from Emily! (I HAVE SEEN HEAVEN.)
  • Homemade cookies.
  • Long naps.
  • My friends.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Sleeping 12 hours. No but seriously that happened.
  • “Nesting” kind of. I guess. Not really.
  • Being able to watch my husband succeed.
  • Free food.
  • S’mores brownies. Yes, you read that right.
  • Being complimented on my writing.
  • Fantasizing about getting my “sexy swagger” back.
  • Seriously though. I have the best friends ever.

What about you? Love it up, people!

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