things i love thursday! (june 21, 2012)

And another week is in the books, folks. Only five more weeks until I’m due to be a mommy. Despite the very real darkness of the week, I’m so blessed. And happy. Truly. I couldn’t ask for a better life.

Even the week of Father’s Day has been incredible. Check it out!


  • SEEING CATIE for the first time in YEARS! Holy reunion, Batman! She is so wonderful.
  • Iced french vanilla soy lattes. (Yes, I’m “that girl” with a snooty drink order. Deal with it.)
  • Seeing a car seat in the back of my car. Eeep!
  • Free coffee.
  • A dinner date at Carrabba’s with sweet Emily. Oh, how I love that girl!
  • Hearing my sweet baby boy’s heartbeat. Never gets old!
  • Being “forced” to rest.
  • Having Zack and Sammie over for dinner and Sherlock. Amazing!
  • Shrunken pork.
  • Pool parties!
  • Having the Hooker family over for dinner and nursery organization. Thanks to them, we’re almost ready for this baby!
  • Watching baby Isaiah eat. Ha.
  • Being productive but still relaxing on Father’s Day.
  • Being able to buy presents for my husband for his first Father’s Day!
  • Actually having a reason to celebrate Father’s Day despite… you know… all the crap associated with it.
  • Imposing margaritas on friends who clearly “need it”.
  • “Graduating” from our childbirth class. Very bittersweet!
  • Non-alcoholic champagne. Delicious!
  • Pizza and baby snuggles with the Menendez family!
  • BABY ISAAC IS SO SMALL and he took a nap on me!
  • Getting my hair done by Ejoy on my lunch break. I love that — not only do I get to go back to work looking fabulous, I also get to spend time with a good friend during the day!
  • Good bible study discussions that may or may not have veered dangerously off course.
  • Raiding Eric and Shana’s pantry without shame.
  • Engagements, pregnancies, life changes, oh my!
  • Scheming for office birthdays.
  • Morning snuggles with my love.
  • Having the best husband/baby daddy a girl could ask for.

That’s it for me. This week was awesome. Was it awesome for you? Tell me so!

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