things i love thursday! (may 17, 2012)

Happy Thursday! Even though we have yet to see a day without rain here, life is pretty great. Besides, the constant rain is just an indicator of just how close we are to summer. Hooray!

Here’s this week’s list of love!


  • Lunch at Lake Ella with Libby. (Wow, so many L’s!)
  • Consequent sunburns.
  • “Instagram that S.”
  • Moving day!
  • Having so many friends willing to help!
  • Little Caesar’s.
  • Getting Firehouse “delivered” by Randy. Also, hearing him say, “Derivvery!”
  • Ice cream with friends at Lofty Pursuits.
  • Publix, where shopping is SERIOUSLY a pleasure.
  • Having the tables be turned on me when Dan stayed out with our friends and I went home to crash.
  • Being able to lead worship with close friends.
  • My first Mother’s Day, and all the flowers and cards I got!
  • My husband scoring some major points this weekend, by the way of:
  1. Staying up with me when I couldn’t sleep.
  2. Heating up pizza for me in the middle of the night USING THE OVEN because we were without a microwave.
  3. Letting me nap in the afternoon while he organized the kitchen, despite being probably just as tired as me.
  • Watching Dan on the phone with Comcast. Oh. My. Goodness. So much hilarity.
  • Deciding that if Comcast is our only option at our new place, we will go without TV and just have Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus.
  • He hates Comcast THAT MUCH.
  • Our first childbirth class
  • Having Nora over for dinner and organization. 
  • Hearing my little man’s heartbeat again. 
  • Going over to the Machnics’ for dinner and fun conversation!
  • Mmm. Brownies.
  • Waking up in the morning literally spooning Hamlet, aka the cuddliest cat ever. How’d he manage that?
  • Sleeping peacefully despite my husband being gone. 
  • Getting a text from Eric concerning my husband’s inability to stop reggae dancing…
  • The fact that my husband will be back today! And hopefully won’t bring any reggae dancing with him!
That’s all for me. What do you love this week? 

6 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (may 17, 2012)

  1. What I love about my week:

    – selling all my old furniture and textbooks
    – FINALLY finishing packing up mine and Jason’s apartment for our move to Tampa
    – my 27th birthday 🙂
    – getting a voicemail of my mom and her co-workers singing me “happy birthday” on the phone
    – hearing Jason getting excited about the wedding (and getting daily countdowns)
    – cotton candy road trip snack
    – getting my cap and gown for my graduation from MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!

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