a wee bit of an update.

The outpouring of love and support we’ve received since the break-in is immeasurable. From loaning me a laptop so I can work and blog (!!!), to housing us and our cats, to praying for us, to donating to replace our stuff, everyone around us has been so supportive. We really feel loved and taken care of. It’s amazing. Typing out “thank you” seems so trite and useless, but seriously — thank you.

The night we were burglarized (not robbed, sorry — that was a journalist fail on my part) we packed up whatever else we deemed valuable (including, but not limited to, my camera, Dan’s guitar, our Harry Potter wands — no joke — and Dax’s first bowtie) and some clothes and went to crash with some friends. We’re still staying with them because,  even though Dan’s comfortable going back to the house, I can’t stomach it. Just driving through the neighborhood sends chunks rising up my throat. The police investigation (sparked by one of our items being listed on Craigslist) confirmed that the burglars were more than likely people who live in our neighborhood.

Our neighbors. I feel so watched. So violated.

So, we took it upon ourselves to look up the reported crimes that have happened within 1000ish feet of our house in the past six months: one weapons violation, two instances of grand theft (though our burglary is also considered grand theft, so let’s just say three), four auto burglaries, one armed robbery, twelve instances of battery or assault, twenty-one residential burglaries (including ours, yay), and one teensy-weensy little thing referred to as an attempted homicide.

Of course, these are just the instances that were reported to police.

So now we’re just trying to figure out what’s feasibly next for us. We have two months left on our lease, which makes things really hard. As much as we appreciate having friends to crash with, it’s really stressful to not have our “own” place, our own home, especially when I’m so pregnant and wanting desperately to have a safe place to house my child.  Thankfully, we have really narrow parameters (a fixed dollar amount for rent and NONE of those crime stats) so our options have been limited to three apartment complexes around town that fit our needs. Here’s hoping we can snag one soon!

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. Seriously. We are so blessed.

5 thoughts on “a wee bit of an update.

  1. As your friend that works at FL Housing, I should tell you about floridahousingsearch.org. You guys are so web savvy though, you probably don’t need it! Godspeed and praying for you.

  2. We feel so helpless being so far away…any chance you would only want to move once…to ILL? I know that may be somewhat selfish, but it can’t hurt to ask! Love & miss you all ! oxoxo : )

  3. Oh, bless your hearts. I can’t even imagine dealing with that and being pregnant, not feeling safe. I will say, I laughed out loud about the Harry Potter Wands! If my DVD’s had been left, they would have been some of my grab items as well. I hope you all find a safe and comfortable new housing arrangement asap!

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