a good body image kick in the pants.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I’m halfway done.

I’ve also gained ten (!!!) pounds, which is exactly half as much weight as my doctor told me I should gain during the pregnancy. In reality, I’m right on track. (Halfway there when I’m halfway there! That makes sense! Half a pound a week from here on out, right?) But as of right now, this second, I’m not doing so well. Instead of being a new mom, carrying around and sustaining a healthy baby boy, my mind is in the dark and can only see myself as a woman who has gained ten pounds in five months and can’t button her jeans which means she’s ugly, worthless, stupid, a bad friend, a horrible cook, a horrible mom, a horrible wife, who will never be a published writer…

Sigh. Isn’t it ridiculous how a bad body image can poison the otherwise awesome parts that make you you? Or am I just THAT mental?

I can usually talk myself out of feeling like a whale by reminding myself, Lindsay! You are building a life! But it’s hard to switch a twentysomething-year-old paradigm (that gaining weight is the absolute WORST thing I could ever do, save maybe intentionally running over a litter of kittens) just because I got knocked up a few months ago.

Today, HelloGiggles posted an article by Julia Gazdag that was the body image kick in the pants I needed, even though it’s not directly aimed at pregnant women. It’s a great reminder about the heavy implications and repercussions of falling victim to a broken society’s view of beauty.

This excerpt in particular was one I really needed to read today:

You’re not attractive because you look like the airbrushed neo-Barbie posing with a giant bottle in a vodka ad, or the limitlessly fancy red carpet starlet. You’re attractive because of how you tell a story, how your eyes crinkle when you smile, how you love a certain author so fervently, and any number of other trite rom-com clichés. Because there’s actually truth to those sappy monologues – the most attractive thing about anyone is what makes them unique, not what makes them blend in. Anyone who is more focused on your looks than your self is bad news and in all likelihood cares very little about you as a person, except to use you as an accessory. We’re women, not purses, and that means we can own our greatness instead of comparing it to that of others while vying for mediocraty.

To read the rest of Julia’s article (and possibly get the kick in the pants you need) click here.

7 thoughts on “a good body image kick in the pants.

  1. I had to literally write in permanent marker and stick it on my mirror that I’m not gainging weight….it’s baby!! It’ll mess with your head in a BiG way! Towards the end every week when i’d go to the Dr they’d weigh me and i’d have to stop myself from cringing or falling apart mentally. I was putting on 10lbs in 2 weeks! Now there’s no way I could be eating enough to really put on that weight in 2 weeks but my mind went there and all I saw was failure! I was certain that i’d be back where I started, regaining everything I had lost! I don’t know why we put all our worth, all our stock into the number on a scale!
    The article is spot on! We shouldn’t be defined by superficial insignificant things! What makes you amazing has nothing to do with the number on the scale and your worth isn’t devalued because of it! 🙂

  2. I have to strongly agree with that article. Personally, I don’t like the barbie look. See the girl on the right in this picture: [http://portrayalsofwomen.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/tumblr_ljtskkleke1qic8xgo1_500.jpg] ?

    It’s healthy, she’s attractive. While the other 2 girls aren’t ugly, I simply feel that they are too thin and should eat a few baconators.

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