things i love thursday! (february 2, 2012)

Happy February! It’s the month of love, after all, so why not start out with a wonderful list of all the things you love in your life! Might as well get in the spirit — all the retail stores have been since Christmas!


  • Delicious food at Newk’s.
  • Also. The word Newk’s. It makes me think of cooking something in the microwave, but Newk’s is SO not that way.
  • Going on a date with my husband! I swear, we haven’t done that in so long. We are so bad about going out on dates!
  • Finally seeing Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Holy cow. Such a great movie. I think they did a great job!
  • Snuggling with the Romeo and Hamlet. Just look at them up there. Don’t you want to snuggle them?
  • Being described as, “The only crazy cat lady I’ve ever known who’s actually married.” Yep. If the shoe fits!
  • Our monthly bible study.
  • Key lime pie for breakfast? Sure! Why not?
  • “Oh yes, yes, yes!”
  • Going to see the circus with Ashley!
  • Snow cones.
  • Hipster clowns.
  • Getting Netflix back.
  • Nesting.
  • Sushi and frozen yogurt.
  • “Boba” tea.
  • Finding “Intervention” on Netflix.
  • And “Tangled!”
  • Taking care of a sick husband.
  • Seeing Connors at our other bible study.
  • Hair products that help my hair not be dry and awful!
  • Babies.
  • Friends.
  • Cuddles.
  • Love.

What about you? I want to hear your list, too! What made you happy this week?

self-photo challenge!

I’ve never actually done this before, but Chelsey, The (lovely) Paper Mama, posed a photo challenge to her readers. A self-photo challenge! She challenged her readers to post a photo of themselves and blog about themselves and the photo.

Because I’m a the writer of a self-love blog (and, also maybe because Chelsey will choose a winner who will get a cute family portrait from her) I took the bait. If nothing else, it’ll be a chance for me to write things about me that aren’t, you know, “bloggy,” but are just me-y.

So. Here’s my submission for The Paper Mama’s photo challenge!

Oooh, look at me! Hard at work in my cubicle! Listening to Bon Iver! I’m so fun! I’m also:

Currently obsessing over:
The crazy mess that is my house, and my overwhelming apathy toward it. Nesting. Whether or not Durrenbaby is a boy or a girl. Navy blue or lavender? Whether or the five pounds I’ve gained during my pregnancy will turn into 25 or 85 pounds. Please GOD don’t let it be 85 pounds.

Working on:
Two jobs! Holy crap! And writing, when I can. And, in theory, editing my novel.

Thinking about:
“INTERVENTION” IS ON NETFLIX WHICH MEANS I CAN JUST GO AHEAD AND KISS MY SOCIAL LIFE GOODBYE. I hope my husband is okay — he got sick last night and is bed-ridden. It makes me sad. He never gets sick.

February 28th! That’s the next time we have an ultrasound, which is HANDS DOWN the most amazing experience ever. Oh! And we also get to find out the gender of our baby! And, well, anything that has to do with our baby. I love that little person so much already! I am anticipating the start of our life together.

Listening to:
Bon Iver. It calms me. Oh and uh, “Intervention,” which does NOT calm me. I suppose the two cancel each other out.

Ritz crackers. But I’ll be honest, I kind of wish it was a bag of Blazin’ Buffalo Doritos.

I could be a stay-at-home mom when the baby comes.

Hey! I think you should enter Chelsey’s challenge, too. Maybe you’ll win something! And, if not, maybe you’ll just write about yourself truthfully for the first time in a while.