things i love thursday! (2011 edition)

This is the last TILT list of 2011! Wow. So much has happened this year! I am so thankful for all of the blessings I’ve received over the past twelve months. And so, I’m going to make a super-long-but-way-worth-it 2011 edition of Things I love Thursday! Enjoy!


  • Starting off the year witnessing Evan and Suzanne getting engaged! (January 1st.)
  • Visits from the Nicks. (January 1st.)
  • Going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
  • Civil War Reenactments and other various random road trips with Jessica. (February 19th.)
  • The Rugged Maniac in Jacksonville. (February 26th.)
  • Ultimate frisbee!
  • 30 Hour Famine. (March 4th.)
  • A mini-vaycay to Jacksonville with my love. (March 17th-19th.)
  • Book club meetings.
  • Wine nights.
  • Potlucks and bible studies.
  • Babysitting Kylin Poole.
  • Being asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time!
  • Teaching J-hi.
  • Double dates.
  • Discovering my dance studio! (April 18th.)
  • Seeing Jonna.
  • Beach days, even when coupled with devastating sunburns. (April 29th.)
  • Playing music.
  • Bachelorette parties and wedding showers.
  • Getting soaked from the rain and huddling under an awning at Kelby and Kyle’s wedding! (May 14th.)
  • Having a girls night with Dayle and Leah and getting robbed at the same time. (May 20th.)
  • Being a part of Emily‘s 13th birthday. (May 24th.)
  • Visits from Chelsea. (May 27th.)
  • Finding Hamlet! (June 7th.)
  • Bringing Felicite to a Passion Party! (June 18th.)
  • Visits from my bestie Becky!
  • Tori and Ryan’s Big Fat Greek Wedding. (June 25th.)
  • Pizza and beer nights with Felicite.
  • Seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 at midnight with my friends, complete with MATCHING SHIRTS! I also may or may not have excitedly thrown my wand and accidentally smacked the girl sitting next to me. (July 15th.)
  • Driving to Cincinnati to see Evan and Suzanne tie the knot. (July 21-24th.)
  • Helping Chrissie make wedding invitations and decorations.
  • My best friend turned 26! (July 28th.)
  • Mine and Dan’s second wedding anniversary at the Melting Pot. I swear, it gets better everyday. (August 1st.)
  • Drinks after work.
  • Sending off three of my very good friends (Chelsea, Jessica, and Felicite) to bigger and better things (seminary in Texas, a new job in Miami, and a new job/life in New York City respectively.) It did made me smile, even though it also made my heart hurt and my eyes overflow. I miss them so much.
  • Randy turned 30! (August 23rd.)
  • Learning how to play disc golf!
  • Dinner and hangouts at the Poole house.
  • Our week-long trip to Chicago. (September 3rd-10th.)
  • Having ACL reconstruction surgery. Yes, it sucked a lot, but it got me back on my feet. (September 12th.)
  • All of the people who prepared meals for us and just came over to hang out with me after surgery.
  • Going to the beach in a giant leg brace.
  • Planning/executing a successful barbecue cook-off. (September 24th.)
  • Meaningful conversations centered around growth.
  • Ministry meetings over margaritas.
  • Surprise baby showers.
  • Kicking butt at physical therapy.
  • The Buddy Walk. (October 8th.)
  • Playing in a Journey cover band! (October 28th.)
  • Helping our friends Zack and Sarah move into their first house. (October 29th.)
  • Capitol Speedway’s reunion. (October 29th.)
  • Starting and WINNING NaNoWriMo! (November 1st-30th.)
  • Baby Isaiah was born! (November 2nd.)
  • Being in a Flashmob! (November 12th.)
  • Watching FSU kill Miami with my best friend! (November 12th.)
  • November 16th.
  • The Student Ministry Advance. (November 18th-20th.)
  • Spending Thanksgiving in DeLand with the family. (November 23rd-26th.)
  • Turning 26! (December 1st.)
  • “Our assets are frozen!” (December 2nd.)
  • My mom’s birthday (December 5th) and my brother’s birthday. (December 8th.)
  • New opportunities.
  • Worship and communion. (December 14th.)
  • Open house for Sally! (December 15th.)
  • Getting to hold little Isaiah for the first time. (December 15th.)
  • Our first Durrenberger family Christmas card!
  • Christmas parties and white elephant gift exchanges galore.
  • The Lord of the Rings Case Family tradition.
  • Losing Christmas for the second year in a row. (December 25th.)
  • Graduating (or, being discharged from) physical therapy. (December 28th.)
  • Knowing Becky is going to come up to visit for New Year’s.
  • And, finally, the continued success and joy I get from this blog.

Happy New Year, friends! Cheers to 2012 — may it be just as awesome as 2011, if not more so!

2 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (2011 edition)

  1. These are fun to read 🙂 I’m new to the whole blogging thing, but I can tell that some people really have good things to say. Thanks for sharing!

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