things i love thursday! (december 15, 2011)

Another week is on it’s way out and DID YOU KNOW THAT CHRISTMAS IS A WEEK FROM SUNDAY? I sure didn’t until yesterday. Yikes! It’s been nice knowing you, December, but I see you’re on a mission to get the hell out of Dodge so I won’t hold you up any longer. So, on to it! Here are all the things I love!


  • My lunch appointment on Friday.
  • Board Game Night with Lori.
  • Awkward Family Photos-style Christmas cards!
  • Random trips to Georgia.
  • Good live music by this guy.
  • Hot cider.
  • Meeting old friends.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Shopping and finding really sweet deals!
  • Bonfires with friends and fellow artists.
  • “Gourmet” s’mores and melted shoes.
  • Hearing Emily say she looked up to me and Dan, “…because you’re nice. And you visit me in the hospital when I dislocate my knee.”
  • Promising lunch meetings.
  • The therapists at my physical therapy clinic.
  • High of 75 in December.
  • Talking about our awkward stages.
  • A night of worship and communion, even though it made me burst into tears. (See above photo.)
  • Hugs, especially when they’re accompanied by the words, “You can do it,” and, “I promise.”
  • Peace.
  • Three part harmony.
  • God and grace.
  • My amazingly talented group of friends.
  • Late night dinner dates.
  • Hamlet’s cuddly nature, even at 6 in the morning.
  • Spontaneous sushi lunch dates with the hubs.
  • The hubs in general. I am so blessed by him.

That’s all I’ve got, folks. How about you? What do you love this week?

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