things i love thursday! (october 27, 2011)

Hello, friends! Sorry for the lack of post on Wednesday — my body was trying desperately to fall ill, so I spent the majority of my day face down in a pillow covered in drool. Sexy. But! It’s Thursday now, which means it’s time for some love!

You ready?



  • Cheap pedicures with Lori! Even with slippery feet!
  • OPI nail polish.
  • A double date with Alex and Karen at Mockingbird. Yummy food, lots of good laughs!
  • Tetris.
  • Weighted keys.
  • Being able to borrow and play the Roland. Wow. What a difference.
  • Having a day with no plans.
  • A clean house.
  • Pumpkin spice pancrepes! (Yes, you read that right.)
  • Football.
  • Being productive.
  • Being able to attend an outdoor jazz festival last minute. So good!
  • Mark Russel.
  • British accents. Again.
  • “Mellow” hangouts.
  • Finishing books.
  • Loaning out books to friends.
  • Romeo and Hamlet, especially at bed time.
  • “They make me feel young.” Dan talking about our, um, significantly younger friends.
  • Music.
  • Student ministry.
  • The senior high volunteers.
  • Frozen yogurt with Emily and Madison.
  • “I don’t wanna be a Pharisee…”
  • Being able to help out some friends in need.
  • Being taken care of by good friends. Tea, Emergen-C, and some good old fashioned love are the cure for what ails ya.
  • My bible study small group.
  • Cuddling.
  • Piano.
  • Cupcakes.
  • Rage Faces.
  • New hair tonight! (Pictures later, I reckon.)
  • Maru blogs.
  • Obsessing over Maru blogs with the bestie.
  • Silly broken Japanese to English translation.
  • Life.

Alright, that’s it for me! Your turn — what do you love this week?

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