things i love thursday! (october 13, 2011)

Hey, hey, hey, friends! It’s Thursday. The weekend is SO CLOSE, y’all. So close, in fact, that I can smell it. It smells a little bit like freedom and roses. But this week hasn’t been half bad.


  • Customer service week. Heck. Yes! Lots of ice cream in my belly. Nom.
  • Double date wit Zack and Sammie. Tres adorbs.
  • Winning Harry Potter Clue for the first time in my life!
  • Seeing Walker’s face when Dan and I showed up at the Buddy Walk. So. Great.
  • Buckets of beer.
  • Sleeping in on Sunday.
  • Food Network.
  • This guy‘s message on Sunday.
  • Hugs from my bestie.
  • Hearing the hubs say, “I ain’t cookin!” which meant we got to go out to eat on Sunday despite our perpetual destitution.
  • Celebrating Kyle’s birthday the best way we know how!
  • “Have you ever seen Hilary Clinton eating a waffle?”
  • Words with Friends.
  • Mac at the Mock with Libby. So. Good.
  • Surprising the Hookers with a baby shower! Yay for baby Hooker!
  • Shopping for baby things. Ugh. SO CUTE. Everything’s so… SMALL.
  • Reading in the sunshine.
  • Lots of Mexican food.
  • Being asked to play keys in Lori’s IMPOSSIBLY EPIC cover band!
  • Getting shout outs and encouragement from the bestie. She’s super smart.
  • Hitting snooze a countless number of times for extra cuddles.
  • The cats. Sleeping. Soundly. With. Us. (Just for one night, I’m afraid. After that, they reverted to their overly active nocturnal selves.)
  • Chipotle.
  • Talking to Catie on gChat! Hoorah!
  • You know. Life.

That’s all I can think of. What about you? What made you smile this week? There is always something to be happy about. 🙂

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