Anna Rexia

That is correct. A Halloween costume called “Anna Rexia,” complete with body-hugging skeleton dress, bone hat, and a frecasdkjfhaking TAPE measure. OKAY. Okay.

Humanity, I’ve been trying so hard for so long but I’m done. I officially give up on you.

Read ABC news’s article here and try not to scratch out your corneas.


  1. Pulling it doesnt make it any better. That is completely ridiculous.

    The wife and I were walking through target the other day looking at Halloween costumes thinking about our soon-to-be-born little one and I was disgusted by the little girl costumes.

    You know how most of the adult female costumes are “Sexy ____”? Well a lot of the little girl costumes were almost identical, minus the word sexy on the packaging, and the girls on the packaging were posed just as provocatively. Its depressing.

  2. I know I’m supposed to be offended, but…I’m just not. Maybe it’s because this is the third year I’ve seen the costume and it’s taken the media this long to find it, or maybe just because I don’t feel like it’s worth the effort. I’ve been living with anorexia for almost 11 years, and I’ve learned to laugh about it. Yes, misrepresentations of the disorder or “taking it lightly” in a serious context can be offensive to me, but THIS is a joke. I can’t see anyone actually judging anorexia or anorectics based on a costume that (tiny heart with tiny lettering aside) could just as easily be called “sexy skeleton” or “sexy anatomy class accessory”.

    • i would agree with you about the “sexy skeleton” thing (since halloween for women is all about being a “sexy” something) if it weren’t for the tape measure. that just sends it over the top for me. it’s cool that you’re not offended, though! power to the people. oh and i really hope and pray you get help for your disease.

  3. but here’s the thing: it’s not just a sexy skeleton. if it were a sexy skeleton, it would be called “sexy skeleton” not “Anna Rexia.” i am offended by the crassness of the costume. some patriarchal moron– or worse, some braindead bimbo looking to impress a patriarchal moron– managed to design a Halloween costume that went above and beyond the norm of simply reducing women to objects. now, it’s insult to injury with a good, blatant laugh at all the insecure women out there suffering from a hideous disease AND it’s a real slap in the face to the rest of us women, who aren’t anorexic, by implying that we are just so braindead as to have a good laugh at it without really processing the implications and then purchase it. sadly, i’m sure there are some women out there who will be purchasing this cheesy, poorly made piece of lingerie as their halloween costumes. i hope someday they open their eyes to their own self worth.

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