things i love thursday! (september 15, 2011)

Hey people! How’s life? Hope you’re enjoying your week so far. Mine’s been… uh… boring. A whole lot of sitting on my butt watching a whole lot of bad daytime television. But even still, I’m alive, so there are always reasons to smile.


  • Morphine drip.
  • Sweet nurses.
  • Being able to pee on my own.
  • Random visits from friends. (By the way, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Should I go visit Lindsay?” the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Just come over. Seriously.)
  • Frozen butterbeer!
  • My left (not broken) knee.
  • Sweet phone calls, text messages, and voicemails.
  • Being able to sleep on my stomach.
  • Ellen Degeneres.
  • Seeing my mom after she’s lost 55 pounds and gotten her diabetes completely under control by diet and exercise alone. (!!!!!!!)
  • Letting my mom “baby” me.
  • Not waking up during surgery.
  • Vicodin.
  • Hamlet and Romeo.
  • “Doing really well” at physical therapy, even though it hurt like a b…
  • The yummy-feeling massager post physical therapy.
  • The Food Network.
  • Having dinner cooked for me.
  • Having dinner BROUGHT to me!
  • The selflessness of my friends.
  • Painting and making jewelry with Suzanne! (See photo.)
  • Phineas and Ferb.
  • My sweet husband.
  • You.

Alrighty, y’all! What do you love this week? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (september 15, 2011)

  1. “Not waking up during surgery.” I like this one! That was my number one fear when I had surgery. Actually, I was terrified that something would go wrong with the anesthesia and I would be able to feel pain, but not move or talk to let the doctors know that I could feel them cutting me! Um, yeah, thankfully that didn’t happen, but I understand the fear. And I hadn’t even seen “Awake” back then! Glad you’re on the mend!

  2. I enjoyed babying you! You’ll always be my baby girl 😉
    You’ve been very brave this week and I am very very proud of you! And Dan is da bomb!

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