things i love thursday! (september 1, 2011)

HOLY TIMEWARP, BATMAN! Is it SERIOUSLY September already? Okay, I know I’ve said this before, but I really think that 2011 is growing up too fast. I mean, sheesh, didn’t we just go through 2011’s mid-life crisis? And now I’m starting to set up End-of-Life care for all of 2011’s family members. Blink too fast, and life just passes you by.

At any rate, happy September, folks. Here’s why this week ruled:


  • Making music with a handful of my favorite people.
  • Strongbow on tap.
  • Free shots from sweet bartenders. (Seriously, Dan, why don’t we go there more often?)
  • CAKE VODKA. (Okay, I realize that’s three alcohol-related things in a row but COME ON. CAKE. VODKA.)
  • Reconnecting and reminiscing with George.
  • Killing a mysterious three-day long illness with Momo’s pizza and friends.
  • Randy’s 21st birthday party!
  • Spending a night on a back porch and NOT SWEATING.
  • Fresh highlights by my wonderful friend EJoy!
  • Working from home.
  • Evan and Suzanne’s “Happily Ever After” party.
  • Spontaneously ovulating several times due to the above two items.
  • Finding out that Mark and Ashley ALSO hate sweet potato fries! I’m not alone!
  • Dan and I taking a random nap… on our floor.
  • Lunch with new friends and old.
  • Seeing my best friend and her boyfriend! AT CHURCH!
  • Throwing a surprise lingerie shower for Chrissie!
  • Dinner with Chrissie, Chelsea, Trisha, Angie, and Tara (!!!!!!!!)
  • An encouraging lunch with ECase.
  • Disc golf with the A-squad.
  • Beer, sushi, and Best in Show with Dan and JBarf.
  • Lunch with Audry at Decent Pizza.
  • Getting a sweet free binder at church leadership training.
  • My crazy bible study small group. “EXODUS!”
  • Lunch at Ray’s on my buddy Zack, who happens to love Harry Potter now.
  • Random underlined words.
  • Finally, my sweet, loving, kind, sexy husband. Love you so much Dan!

What about you? Think about your life this week — what do you love? What makes you smile? Why is your life awesome? Comment and let me know!

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