things i love thursday! (august 18, 2011)

Okay. Not going to lie, y’all. Today isn’t super great. Two of my good friends are moving away this weekend, and one of them works in my office. I’m sitting in my cubicle, teetering back and forth between teary-eyed and composed. But, as sad as it makes me to see them go, I am so impossibly happy for them and their new adventures! So today, my TiLT list is dedicated to Jessica and Felicite, and all the wonderful things I love about them. Enjoy. 🙂



  • How cute is she as Madeline?
  • She is wonderfully beautiful and has an amazing style — In the entire year I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her wear an outfit twice.
  • Her laugh.
  • How she can make smoking a cigarette look so bloody cool.
  • The fact that she, like me, is a cat person.
  • Sigmund!
  • The way she loves people from all walks of life.
  • How she talks to her car.
  • She reads. A lot.
  • She’s a fellow newsie.
  • She is incredibly empathetic and a wonderful listener.
  • Her presence on IM. (It has gotten me through many a bad day at work.)
  • Spontaneous wine/beer nights after work.
  • She sweetly indulges my husband’s weird television choices when she comes over.
  • Free pizza.
  • Long talks on the porch.
  • She has a Harry Potter time turner tattoo.
  • She has made me a better person.
  • She is moving to New York City, one of the coolest cities in the world, to undoubtedly change more lives.



  • Her face is illuminated. Seriously. Not only is she completely gorgeous on the outside, but her sweet, loving, adorable personality shines through to make her even more beautiful.
  • She rocks a side-pony.
  • “I Love Santa!”
  • The fact that despite not knowing me but for a few weeks, she took care of me after “The Gincident” in London.
  • She also remained friends with me afterward and even hung out with me when we moved back to the States.
  • She finds pure joy in everything around her.
  • She’s relentlessly generous.
  • She always brings food to my house. Always. Even if I’m cooking her dinner, she always brings food.
  • With one board game, Things, she did a total 180 on how our friends do get-togethers.
  • She sub-let my (totally crappy) apartment while I was working in London and even offered to cat-sit!
  • Her hair is FANTASTIC.
  • She also reads a lot.
  • She’s the eternal optimist.
  • She introduced me to one of my favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother.
  • She gives everyone a chance. Everyone.
  • She made us blast Christmas music and walk down Oxford Street in December.
  • Sometimes her midwestern accent comes out. It’s adorable.
  • Despite us being busy as people in the adult world, she’s always always ALWAYS made an effort to make time to hang out with me. That means so much to me.
  • She has never, not once, made me feel bad or guilty about being myself. She’s loved me at my worst; she truly, honestly has a gift.

Okay. I’ve succeeded in crossing over from merely being teary-eyed to having a full-blown mascara malfunction. I should probably stop here. Felicite and Jessica, good luck in New York and Miami respectively; you two are both special, wonderful, beautiful people to me. I am so blessed to know you.



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