tuesday tip — shift your focus.

We all have those days. I have them. You have them. I’m willing to bet that even the most beautiful and confident woman in the world (Kate Middleton, obvs) has them.

Days where no matter what we do with our hair, make up, fashion, whatever, our appearance is our enemy.

These days can take a myriad of forms. Sometimes they’re “fat” days. Or “bad-hair” days. Or “stay inside and avoid human interaction” days. No matter what you call them, they suck. If you’re anything like me, you tend to fixate on these problems, making your days excruciatingly difficult to get through.

The good news, though, is that these days don’t have to suck so badly. Despite the fact that your skinny jeans are sitting this week out, and that your anti-acne cleanser seems to have turned against you, and that the left side of your hair has been flat for no reason this week, you can make it through. I promise.


Photo Credit: Ashley Poole Photography

The best medicine for a “crap” day is to shift your focus to something your body can do, versus what your body looks like.  Here are some ways to kick the “crap” day blues:

  1. GO ON A WALK and focus on the fact that you have strong legs that can take you anywhere.
  2. PAINT A PICTURE (even if you wouldn’t call yourself an “artist”) and focus on your body’s innate ability to create.
  3. LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE BAND and focus on the fact that your body allows you to hear and appreciate music. Added bonus: dance, and be grateful for your body’s ability to move.
  4. CALL A FRIEND just to tell her you that you love her, and let her tell you she loves you back, and remember that this is true no matter how you feel about yourself on any given day. Added bonus: meet up with your friend and use your strong, beautiful arms to hug her.
  5. HOLD A TODDLER because seriously, how can that not make you appreciate how beautiful life is?

These are just a few of the many ways you can shift your focus onto something more positive, something more true, something more praiseworthy. I know that everyone’s different, though. (For instance, holding a toddler might make some of you reading this want to kill said toddler. That’s not productive, is it?)

So tell me — what works for you? On your “crap” days, what are some things you can do to shift your focus back to the truth? Comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “tuesday tip — shift your focus.

  1. I like this. Focusing on the little joys in your life is such an obvious solution to those “why do I look like THIS?!?!” days. Like you, I get through it by tryng to focus on what my body can do. I run 5 or 10k, do a 20 to 90 minute yoga set, chew on something delicious, have a hot bath. The flaming missile zit is always still there when I’m done, but it’s no longer the last crack in my sanity. Great post!

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