things i love thursday! (july 28, 2011)

Herrroooo friends! Hope your past two weeks have been splendid. Not being able to post a TILT list last week was weird! I really missed it. I look forward to Thursdays every week now because of TILT, but last week I was off the Internet, doing wonderfully awesome things with some of my favorite people. The past two weeks have definitely been full of blessings for me, despite a torn ACL. (Did I not tell you that? I forget. The MRI results came back. I tore my ACL. Anyway…) Let’s get to it!


  • Working a half day.
  • Silly signs on the interstate in the south.
  • Making fun of the south.
  • Road trip food.
  • Getting lunch with Tallahassee friends in Williamsburg, Kentucky.
  • Weird hotel rooms.
  • Smaller hotel beds (to maximize cuddling.)
  • Naps in the car.
  • iPod challenge.
  • The Midwest.
  • Ohio accents.
  • Being surrounded by all my favorite people from my town IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT TOWN AND STATE.
  • Free drinks and food!
  • 800mg Motrin.
  • Taza coffee shop in downtown Cincinnati.
  • The Creative Writing Box.
  • Soy lattes.
  • Midwestern homes.
  • 17 years of marriage.
  • New little black dresses.
  • Realizing how important they are to me when I saw her walking down the aisle and I immediately started to sob.
  • “Dancing” (that is, moving in such a way that won’t hurt my knee) with my friends at the reception.
  • Driving from Cincinnati to Tallahassee in one day.
  • Long sleep.
  • Getting an outrageously cute “GET WELL!” card from my mom.
  • Margaritas with Lori and Angie.
  • No cavities at the dentist!
  • Having ministry meetings… over margaritas. (Seriously? These must make up like 60% of my liquid intake.)
  • It’s my best friend’s birthday!
  • Bringing a rose and a cupcake (with a MAN jumping out of it!) to said best friend at work.
  • The orthopedic surgeon’s assistant. He was hilarious.
  • Finding out I don’t have to wear my stupid knee brace from now until when I have surgery!
  • Finding out I can use an elliptical machine with a torn ACL! YAY! Exercise!
  • Uplifting emails/Facebook messages. I am truly blessed.
  • Friends opening up to and trusting me with their struggles.
  • The fact that like five people have told me this week that I should write a book. Wow. Should I? Would you buy my book? I’m pretty poor, so that would be nice…
  • Encouraging and supportive coworkers.
  • Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful, adorable, sweet husband, who cooks dinner for me every night and takes care of me and always puts me before everything else. I can’t believe that on Monday we’ll be celebrating two years of marriage. It gets better every single day, and I mean that.

Ahhh. What a great week. What do you love this week? Comment and let me know. Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing joy come from my readers!

2 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (july 28, 2011)

  1. * that I’m 2 1/2 weeks from being out of my first trimester
    * my wonderful, loving, fabulous husband who takes care of me and makes sure I’m taking care of myself!
    *that we are moving…into the same house hubby proposed to me in(god had something to do with that I’m sure)
    *my piano
    *my wonderful friends

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