things i love thursday! (july 7, 2011)

As I write this post, I am sitting in a coffee shop with my knee in an immobilizer and a pair of crutches leaning up against my chair. Even still, this week was baller! Here’s my TiLT list for this week!


  • Free pizza and beer with my MYSTERY SHOPPING FRIEND Felicite!
  • Going out with friends for Kelby’s birthday.
  • Kyle’s antics during karaoke.
  • Singing “Love Shack” with my husband!
  • Babysitting the sweetest, prettiest little girl ever. (Kylin Mae, of course.)
  • Teaching Kylin how to knock on doors and say “Knock, knock!” (Which, in Kylin speak, sounds like, “Dock, dock!”)
  • Canada Day celebrations with the bestie and her cute boyfriend!
  • Free beer bottle openers.
  • Canada’s existence.
  • Joint birthday/bachelorette festivities with my favorite ladies.
  • Triple Lindsey!
  • Forgiveness and grace.
  • Road trips with my husband.
  • Panama City Beach!
  • Dayle, Zach, and Jasper!
  • The Writer’s Manicure (see photo.)
  • Pool parties.
  • Hot tubs.
  • Barbecue flavored potato chips.
  • Watermelon.
  • Babies in buoyant clothing.
  • Pretty tattoos.
  • E-Mealz.
  • The Book of Mormon soundtrack! SO GOOD!
  • Mike Myers hosting SNL in the 90s.
  • Tina Fey hosting SNL in the 2000s.
  • Netflix.
  • Teaching Jasper how to point to his toes and say “Dee dee dee dee” and LAUGH A LOT.
  • Cheetos.
  • My husband’s internal clock waking us up on time.
  • Making music and worshiping God with friends.
  • My j-hi kids.
  • Lunch at Fusion with Nora.
  • Small worship gathering in Thomasville.
  • Dinner with Elizabeth, Cody, and Katie.
  • Cody and Katie’s newlywed digs. They live in a barn-turned-loft! Super cute!
  • A day off with my husband. (Yay for sleeping in!)
  • Waffle House.
  • Cooking with my husband.
  • Margaritas and Cranium at the Steele house!
  • “Tom Brown for smart people.” AKA catching the fireworks in a field by a McDonalds with Kyle and Kelby.
  • McFlurries!
  • Watching Dan, Kyle, and Jesse play football with six or seven little kids.
  • Playing ultimate frisbee! (Even though we lost. Fun game!)
  • South Park.
  • Dance class! (Even though it was at dance class I became injured, haha.)
  • Being in a knee immobilizer and trying to use the bathroom.
  • Being in a knee immobilizer and trying to do. Well. Anything.
  • Crutches! Ha.

Alrighty friends! Your turn! If your good friend Lindsay is on crutches and still loves life, you can too! What do you love this week?

4 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (july 7, 2011)

  1. I love the following:

    The painfree day – it WILL happen
    Credits at dr’s office that = no copay
    Free samples of meds – a box of ’em
    Rainy afternoons that I can nap
    PJs that look like dresses

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