here’s your horrifying reality check of the day.

Good Morning America ran a story about a six-year-old girl who thinks she needs to lose weight. My heart is broken for her. Click the link and watch the video. The worst part is when the reporter gets a group of little girls together and shows them pictures of other girls and asks them to evaluate them. Sigh.

Why is this happening with our little girls? Girls aren’t born worried about their weight. We teach them to be. Something needs to be done. Now.

4 thoughts on “here’s your horrifying reality check of the day.

  1. I, your mom, am sorry if I ever gave you any idea that your body was not beautiful while you were growing up. I always thought you were beautiful, honey, and I still do.

  2. a lady brought her daughter to a ww meeting, and it made me think of this post. there’s a fine line between teaching your children healthy habits and pushing them to obsess over shallow details. this is so sad.

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