things i love thursday! (june 9, 2011)

Despite the temperatures hitting right at and above 100 degrees, I’ve had quite the incredible week! It’s been a bit emotional, but amazing none the less. Here are all the things I love this week!


  • An encouraging lunch with this guy, and a lovely email from him a few days later.
  • Saying “no” and being okay with it.
  • Choosing to spend the evening with my husband only.
  • Hanging out with Andrea at Poor Paul’s, even though it was to say goodbye.
  • Running in the park.
  • Putting my husband before prior commitments.
  • Lunch with Chrissie, Katie (MOH extraordinaire!), Chelsea, Angie, and (for a hot second) Zander!
  • Evan and Suzanne’s wedding shower. I love those two and can’t wait for their wedding next month!

  • Hearing/watching Evan lead worship. I’m so proud to call him my friend.
  • Evan’s new job! (Yay for Evan being all up in this post!)
  • Dinner with my faves after church.
  • Putting off Monday as long as possible.
  • Spending a night at home just reading.
  • A sweet coworker taking me out to lunch!
  • VEGETARIAN CHILI (nommmm.)
  • Food in general.
  • Buddhalicious Ultimate Frisbee Team. WHAT.
  • Coming home to a house that has been cleaned, dishes that have been washed, laundry that has been washed and put away, and dinner being made. Best. Husband. Ever.
  • Husband. And the fact that he puts up with me.
  • Truly feeling better after a good run. Even though I kind of hate running with every fiber of my being right now.
  • Being 7 lbs away from what I weighed my freshman year of college. (Almost 7 years ago, what?! That can’t possibly be right…)
  • Chicago.
  • Deciding to keep the kitten we found; we named him Hamlet! (My other cat’s name is Romeo, so…)

  • Hearing Hamlet purr himself to sleep on my lap. Several times.
  • Deep conversations on my front porch with Felicite.
  • White wine.
  • Vodka sauce.
  • Thunderstorms.
  • Romeo. Still my first (kitty) love.
  • Jersey Mike’s with Randy.
  • My awesome FBDC readers, particularly the ones who correct me on my errors. No seriously. I’m glad the people who read FBDC aren’t drones who never question things posted on the Internet.
  • Setting out to run a couple miles but then deciding to only run one mile and then hula hoop afterward for 30 minutes.
  • Hearing a creepy old man say, “Swing it, baby…” while I was hula hooping. Well. It made me smile and then made me run away.
  • Random wall posts from old friends.
  • Buying Starbucks for friends and doodling on the cups.
  • Finishing The Hunger Games series. Great books!

Alright lovely people, it’s your turn. Open a new post on your blog, whip out your journal, or find a scrap piece of paper and jot down all the wonderful things in your life. I promise you. There is beauty in this world.

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