things i love thursday! (may 26, 2011)

Alrighty lovely people. It’s that time again. Sit down. Breathe for a second, and write down all the things that you loved on this week. I don’t know about you, but I smiled like a crazy person all week. Here’s why:

Me with my friends Dayle and Leah while the bartender forces us into inebriation.


  • Surprise lunch at Red Elephant with Andrea!
  • Andrea passing on her very first hula hoop to me prior to her move to San Fransisco. I was so touched!
  • Knowing how to hula hoop. Bam!
  • Dan coming back to town after being gone for a few days for work.
  • Making Dan an AMAZING dinner all by myself! (Spinach and tomato tortellini. NOMS.)
  • Planning to make that same dinner tonight for us and Felicite!
  • Wine as a sleep aid.
  • Getting dolled up and pretty with Dayle and Leah and hitting the town.
  • Arvin! (Before we got our bills, anyway.)
  • Talking about babies, even when we distinctly decided to not talk about babies! (They’re just too darn cute, am I right?)
  • Sharing proposal stories.
  • Listening to pregnant stories.
  • Baked Doritos.
  • The Hunger Games trilogy. (CAN’T PUT IT DOWN!)
  • The Breakfast Club at Cracker Barrel.
  • Getting together with four of my favorite fellow book worms/newsies for our Book Club!
  • Loaf of Soup.
  • Used book stores.
  • Being a part of Emily’s 13th birthday present. What a blessing.
  • Live music, especially when the musicians are my friends. Like these guys.
  • Dan Cole doing “the dad thing” and showing me pictures of his adorable kids on his iPhone.
  • Harmonicas.
  • Did I mention margarita-flavored water already? Or am I getting a buzz from this junk?
  • Team Buddhalicious.
  • Elevate and Dr. Cloud.
  • Free sushi!
  • We now own SONIC COLORS and it only cost us $2! Ahhhh! It’s so fun!
  • Accidental (borderline narcoleptic) naps.
  • Rita’s Custard. ZOMG NOMS.

I think that about does it. What do you love this week? Jot it down. It’ll make you feel good inside.

5 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (may 26, 2011)

  1. Thanks for the reminder to take a minute to breathe! Sometimes I get so busy with things I forget to take a little moment to appreciate the week that was… gratitude, B xo

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