things i love thursday! (may 12, 2011)

Alright, loves! It’s Thursday! Whip out your journals/blogs/scrap paper and start scribbling down things that you love because you KNOW life is beautiful!

Courtesy: Ashley Poole Photography


  • Wearing my wedding dress again. (Yeah, it still fits. WHAT!)
  • Being able to spend some quality time with Kylin Poole (see photo) AKA the best thing Ashley and Mark Poole ever did.
  • Evidently making Cabo’s on Cinco de Mayo a tradition for us.
  • A really wonderful dinner with our good friend Elizabeth. She said all kinds of crazy encouraging things to us. It was baller.
  • Defeating fleas in our house. Romeo is almost all clear!
  • My mom and all the fun surrounding Mother’s Day. Love you, Mommy!
  • Hosanna in the highest!
  • Surprising Alexa at Osaka for a (super belated) birthday party and actually not spending a fortune on hibachi!
  • Late night hang outs with Jessica, complete with Chocovine and Harry Potter Clue. (Even though Dan won.)
  • My friends. They are seriously the BEST.
  • Strawberries and $5 champagne.
  • Wedding dress shopping with Chrissie. And (maybe!) finding the dress!
  • Getting an inside-joke-text from Emily.
  • Encouraging emails, particularly one that included a 49-page PDF entitled, “How to Be Creative.” Yessss.
  • Steak & Shake after church with some of said awesome friends.
  • Kyle and Kelby’s wedding is coming up SATURDAY! (Or, as I call them, KYLBY! I know. I’m so clever.)
  • BronxZoosCobra.
  • MY HUSBAND. Can I brag a little bit? Over the past week, he’s put away two loads of laundry, cooked me dinner pretty much every night, brought me lattes to work, scratched my back/legs/wherever else I’m peeling incessantly, accompanied me on guitar while I played keys and sang Ingrid Michaelson (yes!) and just last night he brought me pickles to eat in bed. (Pickles are my favorite food and they are the only thing I can eat after brushing my teeth, what?! Don’t look at me like I’m gross!)
  • Tearful emails that lead to healing and redemption and grace.
  • Grace. Wow.
  • Girlfriends (who aren’t me) being pregnant.
  • Going to a jewelry open house and winning a raffle for $59 in free jewelry! I’m gonna be stylin’ on the cheap, y’all!
  • Lunch with Angie at Tropical Smoothie. Home girl made me laugh so hard I almost shot water out of my nose!
  • CONTEMPORARY DANCE CLASS. Finding my dance studio is seriously the best thing that has happened to me in a while.
  • Gonna start training next week for THIS.
  • YOU. YesΒ  you. If you are reading my blog right now,Β  you are currently making me smile.

What about you? What do you love? Comment and let me know!

11 thoughts on “things i love thursday! (may 12, 2011)

  1. I love my new job! There’s a lot of new information to take in, but I am in an environment where everybody at work is encouraging one another in their faith, and I get to be the friendly face that welcomes customers when they walk in through the door. πŸ˜€

    And, I love that its been raining all morning and I don’t have work til 4, so I’ve just gotten to sit and enjoy the sight and sound of my mom’s beautiful backyard taking a nice, long drink πŸ™‚

  2. I love seeing the work that God has been doing in me lately. I love that each week your list gets longer.:) I love that my kid gets so excited to see me walk through the door each day that it’s like she hasn’t seen me in years. I love that we are finally friends (at least according to Facebook) and I can freely comment on your blog without feeling like some kind of weird stalker (even though I totally am).

  3. This was such a positive read for my thursday! Thank you!

    I love playing fetch with my pups and watching them get super hot and tired.
    I love kissing my fiancee’ when he is sweaty and dirty from working in the garden.

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