legitimate questions for runners.

As we have recently discovered, I am not a professional runner. I don’t do it to win. I do it to finish.

i do it for THIS.

Today I ran 5 kilometers without stopping. For those of you yankees counting that’s 3.1 miles! Holy cow! I was so pumped! Halfway through my run I thought, “Maybe I don’t need to walk for awhile. How cool would it be if I didn’t walk at all?” AND THEN I DIDN’T. Suck. On. THAT.

After my little celebratory photo op (above), I started thinking about the milestone that I’d just hit. I’ve been running since March and it has taken me this long to get to a point where a three-mile-run doesn’t completely kill me. I don’t know if I’m just misinformed, but I honestly thought it wouldn’t take this long. I was positive that roughly one month into my running “career” I’d be blazing through marathons (with the most gorgeous thighs to prove it.) But alas, I was wrong.

And so, I’ve decided, I don’t want to be “pleasantly surprised” about this running crap anymore.

Would you consider yourself “a runner?” Do you like to run? Do you know how to run? Have you seen someone run before?
Well then I need to hear from you!

Calling all runners! I have questions for you! And I need answers!

(Don’t make this blog post a waste of my time, please. Please answer! For real!)

  1. How long did it take for running to actually become fun? Because as it stands right now, running is as high on the “fun” list as cleaning my bathtub with a toothbrush. After my cat pukes in it.
  2. What things do you do to make running less boring? I mean, my “kick-ass chick rock” playlist can only take me so far.
  3. What’s on YOUR running playlist?
  4. Is there some way to make it so that the first mile I run doesn’t feel like I’m trying to maneuver whilst being up to my neck in quicksand? Or Elmer’s glue?
  5. What are the best before and after run foods/drinks?
  6. My feet are flat and are completely mangled from years of ballet. What are the best running shoes for my feet?
  7. How bloody long will it take me to have a smokin’ hot runner’s body?
  8. Are there any supplemental exercises/stretches I should be doing before/after/along with runs?
  9. Is it best to run a little everyday or a LOT every other day?
  10. How bad ass are runners? Seriously?

I look forward to your answers, blogoverse.

2 thoughts on “legitimate questions for runners.

  1. Hey Linds!
    I love running! I’m not great at it, I’m not fast, but I love doing it and I feel great afterward! Here are my responses to your questions above:

    1. Well, I’m not sure exactly how long it took for running to become “fun” for me. I used to run a lot back in the day and when I recently got back into it, it took me about a month for my legs to get used to the impact again (recover from shin splints, lower leg muscle soreness, etc). But after about 4-6 weeks, I was at an ok place in my running where it was more enjoyable.

    2. To make running less boring I’ll run in my neighborhood or in other neighborhoods, at Lake Ella, on a multi-use trail, or with friends. Running on a treadmill in the gym is pretty boring. I love to jam some rockin tunes while I run too. It keeps me motivated and pumped up!

    3. I try to listen to really rockin music while I run. Anything that isn’t mellow which may slow me down and bore me. I personally love rockin some Killswitch Engage. It’s melodic hardcore/rock at its very best!

    4. From what I’ve experienced, the way I feel during a run depens on a lot of things really. What I’ve eaten before, if I’ve drank enough water that day, if I had enough rest the night before, if I have enough sugar in my blood, etc. This takes me to the next point…

    5. I try to drink a ton of water the day I’m going to be going on a long run. I try to also get a small meal in an hour before the run. Something with “good carbs” in it like oatmeal or some whole grain toast. Recently I’ve really enjoyed drinking the Powerade Zero sports drink like 30 minutes before the run for some extra energy (has some great B vitamins in it!) After the run, keep drinking water and get some good food in you to refuel your body. I always drink a protein shake after a workout to fuel muscles.

    6. I’m not too sure about shoes for flat footed peeps, but I can do some research for ya!

    7. Haha! This is a tough question cause really, a lot of factors go into this. You have to be eating right, getting enough rest, doing weight (resistence) training, as well as doing your regular cardio workouts to get the best results in the “hot bod scultping” department. When I started my journey in Jan 2010 I was at 285 lbs. I roughly lost an avg of about 2 lbs a week. After almost 10 months later, I’m down to 210 lbs. So it is a slow process if you do it the right way, the healthiest way.

    To answer 8 and 9 I want to direct you to this guy I have been following along my journey, Ben Greenfield. He posts weekly articles/podcasts on fitness/diet and has an article on How to Get Started Running. Check it out here:


    He gives some really great advice on how to get started. The best advice I would give, and what Ben Greenfield advises, is to start gradually. Do a walk to run ratio and change up the ratio every couple of weeks to where eventually you are running the whole distance.

    Hope these responses have helped. Keep up the great work Linds! So excited to run the Turkey Trot with you and Zack!!


  2. so I’m suuuuuper late on this, but I opened it in a tab and then the tab got lost in a sea of other tabs.

    1. I still hate running. with a fiery passion. nearly two years into it.
    2. I watch Jeopardy! when I run if I can. (I’m an indoor/treadmill girl most of the time.) That way at least I’m playing a game while listening to music to pass the time, LoL.
    3. I have a couple different running playlists, but here’s my favorite:
    Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas)
    One More Time (Daft Punk)
    Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down (Fall Out Boy)
    I Don’t Want to Be (Gavin DeGraw)
    Our Time Now (Plain White T’s)
    You and Me (Plain White T’s)
    Meant to Live (Switchfoot)
    Inside Out (Eve 6)
    Kryptonite (Three Doors Down)
    I’d Do Anything (Simple Plan)
    Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm)
    4. dunno… since I get that way on mile 3, not mile 1. And I just attribute it to tiredness, LoL.
    5. I don’t know this one, either. But I drink a lot of water during. Like, 8 ounces per mile or more. Which isn’t ideal for long distance, but I don’t plan on being a marathoner, LoL.
    6. dunno. I like Nikes, personally. But I have medium arches, not flat feet.
    7. Personally, not all that much has changed for me, so I’m not sold that every runner gets a “hot body.”
    8. I stretch afterward. Nothing special, just the norm quad/hamstring/calf stretches.
    9. I don’t really know which is best. Every day gets too monotonous for me, tho.
    10. hehe, no comment.

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