the gospel according to emily.

Another fun thing about my recent career change is the fact that I suddenly have much more time I can devote to writing. Oh happiness! So, naturally, I figured one blog wasn’t good enough anymore. Had to create a second one.

As a lot of you know, in my (minimal) free time, I help lead the junior high ministry at my church. Not entirely sure why this is one of my callings. I happen to be one of the most broken and messy individuals on this side of the dirt. But regardless, this bruised and beaten twentysomething drags herself (along with all of her excess emotional and spiritual baggage) to church every Sunday to attempt to love on middle schoolers and show them the brilliant light that is having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Think about middle school years. So much innocence left, yet strong personalities and curious ambition are rampant. It’s truly spectacular to watch. (And oh, the hormones!) Looking within myself I feel pretty disqualified to minister to anyone, let alone children who are clearly blossoming into free-thinking adults right before my eyes. I’ve made so many mistakes and carry around so many regrets that it seems like a horrible idea to have me speak into anyone’s spiritual development.

But any Sunday I’m feeling particularly like an epic failure, one 7th grader in our group opens her mouth and speaks truth into my life. When I’m supposed to be the leader, the one who has it all together (ha!) this student (her name is Emily) effortlessly utters biblical and spiritual truths in such a way that makes me chuckle at first and then stop and think, “Wow. You’re monumentally profound. Teach me things, oh great 12-year-old teacher.”

So I’d like to share with you Emily’s musings. I invite you to take a look at the gospel according to Emily. It’s just now getting started, so bear with me in its early stages. But I’m pretty proud of this one.

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