blog reform.

Well, it sure has been awhile, hasn’t it?

After my elongated hiatus, I decided to take my blog in a different direction. As fun as it is to poke fun at the world of broadcast news, frankly it’s just too easy. Seriously. Working in news is kind of like dating the bad boy in high school. Sure he’s edgy, trendy, and extremely exciting. He makes your heart race and your palms sweat. But he doesn’t treat you right, he’ll never buy you dinner, and he refuses to let you see your family on holidays. But when you move on, and date someone else, you have no regrets. No, you look back on news fondly. You’d never take him back, but you’re glad you did it. Because now you know you deserve better.

This is mostly why I put in my two weeks notice.

So. New job, new life, new blog.

Hope it’s just as entertaining from here on out.

I’m back, y’all!