the foodie diaries: vol 2

The good thing about being married to a man who’s still trudging through college is (do I even have to say this?) financial aid. Thanks to a wad o’ cash (that we’ll have to somehow pay back once he graduates) Dan and I agreed that since I’m trying to actually cook us quality meals that we should probably have some quality cookware. Up until this weekend, everything (that we cook on) in our kitchen was a shabby hand-me-down. Now don’t get me wrong! Getting these for FREE was an amazing blessing. But financial aid provided the opportunity for us to make some much needed upgrades. Observe:

our only skillet. nice, huh? can you see the damage?

the back. yikes.

Here are the new additions to our kitchen!

guest starring: my foot

I grilled some tilapia on them last night and it was AMAZING that they didn’t burn or stick! I didn’t have to spend ages scraping the pan! It was a dream, truly.

OH! And I also finally snagged one of these!

yes! finally!

Yes. It’s true. I didn’t have a slow cooker. I know. This is ridiculous. I wasn’t kidding about my lack of cooking skills and knowledge. I’m definitely a nOOb all the way.

But today I’m letting the slow cooker make us a venison stew with carrots, onions, tomatoes, corn, and beef stock. Why a stew in May? In Florida? Because I have a freezer stuffed full of venison (no seriously — STUFFED) and a fridge overflowing with vegetables and darn it I HAVE A SLOW COOKER.


2 thoughts on “the foodie diaries: vol 2

  1. My slow-cooker is my best friend. Seriously. I don’t get out much. Kidding! Anyway, this is the opposite of a healthy recipe, and once again, I realize this is a super-old post and maybe you don’t give a crap about new recipes because you’ve already got your meal rotation DOWN, but, if you’re interested, here’s one of our favorite, super-easy CrockPot meals:

    2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (frozen)
    1 jar of salsa
    1 jar of queso
    1 can of black beans

    That’s it. Let it cook on slow all day, shred the chicken up (it falls apart at this point. you could shred it with a plastic spoon, no joke) and then make some yellow rice to mix in with it. So good.

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