This is REALLY an email we got in the “news” email account¬†at the¬†station. We deal with these people everyday, whether by phone or email or (yes) snail mail. I’m so delighted to share this little gem with you, readers. ENJOY.

Subject: bad

medicine/bia polar/Cornell/will made your gout hunt hurt. children 4thkilling self/doctors 3rd/aids 2nd/ strokes, heart attracts 1st. water causesstrokes too. more water than meat in your body. more water than land in everstate world too. more great business on the right goes east. they spendmillions telling you where to put business. roughest road there is goingnorth, smoothest coming south. coldest room in your home is on the northside of your home, hottest south side. world and state same way. ever thingthere is say there is a god you just don’t look. if I don’t speak out therocks will they do they lean one way another. trees do too.

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