i love you, you’re perfect, now change.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are the most infuriating people on the planet. They should get sterilized and should be banned from all facets of media. They are famous for nothing, they have no talent, and they are polluting the world with filth.

I used to follow the two of them on Twitter. I gave that up because I couldn’t stand having a Twitterfeed that looked like this:

heidimontag: OMG U GUYS PLZZ PICK UP THE NEW PLAYBOY TO SEE MY NEW BOOBS!!! omg jesus is so good to us!!!!!!!! we love jesus!!!!
spencerpratt: RT @heidimontag OMG U GUYS PLZZ PICK UP THE NEW PLAYBOY SEE MY NEW BOOBS!!! ya my wife is hot!!!!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

I’d give my left leg to be exaggerating. But I’m not.

So I stopped following them. For obvious reasons.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my current gripe is that Heidi is now on the cover of the most recent issue of People displaying her new “perfect” (her words, not mine) body after undergoing TEN plastic surgery procedures in ONE DAY.

There are so many things that piss me off about this. But mainly, I’m just sad for them. They’re missing it. Based on what I’ve watched on “The Hills” and witnessed via several media appearances by the couple, I’ve deduced that their relationship is based solely on conditions and control, and poking at insecurities and stabbing open emotional wounds. It’s backwards and wrong and makes a mockery of love and commitment and the sanctity of marriage as was created by God in heaven.

It’s my opinion, as is that of many people I’ve consulted on the subject, that Heidi looks a million times better before the surgery. And the sad part is, I think that her sick and twisted husband has actually convinced her that if she doesn’t transform her body into what society has deemed “perfection,” that she isn’t worth being married to.

And this? This is marriage? This is what our children are being exposed to?  Through Spencer and Heidi, our daughters are hearing that they can’t be loved just as they are. This is unacceptable and sickening, and I wish that I could do something more radical, something more lasting, something more significant than posting an angry blog.

Women, God created you to be exactly how you are. And he thinks you’re perfect and beautiful. Your worth is found in Him and in Him alone. Screw society, screw the media, screw anyone who makes you feel like you’re not good enough just as you are.

Because you are.

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
Psalm 139:13-14

2 thoughts on “i love you, you’re perfect, now change.

  1. I think Heidi’s operations are ridiculously excessive, and Spencer’s support for the transformation is scary. But there is some good in this situation. Seeing the “Nordic goddess” (or whatever she said she looks like) on newsstands will open dialogue between any self-respecting mother and her daughters, and hopefully between young girls as a whole. It reminds us of the need to be perfect, but also about how valuable natural beauty truly is.

    I know not every mother is self-respecting and confident, and I know not every daughter has a mother to help her build appropriate self-esteem, but I think there has been enough backlash to show that this behavior is sad and destructive, no matter how attention-getting it may be. But blog on, because every bit of criticism is likely to help more young girls realize that change can come through hard work and perseverance– and that some flaws are meant to be.

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