let’s hang!

The only drawback I’ve found about newlywed life is the crazy assumption by other people that the only person I want to spend time with is my husband.

Granted, Dan is absolutely wonderful. I love him. Spending time with him is always enjoyable. But at the end of every day, I am blessed to be able to slide into bed with him and fall asleep in his arms, regardless of whether or not we were up each other’s butts throughout the day.

Before the wedding, friends would reference fun things to do in August and they’d follow that up with, “Would you be able to come? I mean, I know August is going to be crazy for you and everything…”

What? Actually, August was fine. I got married on August 1st and honeymooned that week. If anything, hanging out in July would have been an issue. Not August.

And now, I get invited out less. It’s just the way it is. Sigh. Is this typical? Do most married people go through this? I don’t like it. I want to do something fun!

I promise, I can come up for air every once in a while. Let’s hang!

6 thoughts on “let’s hang!

  1. I have found that being married is different for some reason. My issues are more related to everyone around us are older and already have kids so we can’t invite them to our house we have to go there. This makes me sad 1. cuz I LOVE hosting things & 2. it cuts back on hanging cuz, well they have kids 😉
    all this to say I understand and wish you guys lived here 😉


  2. It’s still happening to us, and we’re coming up on our third anniversary. I find the issue is people think I’ll say no if Jonathan isn’t invited. So I’ve just made it clear by inviting people to chill when he’s not around, and casually mentioning that I still love to hang out with blank(s) both with and without the husband. doesn’t always work, but I’ve made some progress.

  3. Seriously. I feel you on this one. Oh and sorrynotsorry I’m commenting on your super-old posts. Your snobby post had me laughing out loud, but I’m trying not to be too creepy here with all the comments.

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