A new year. A new decade. A new blog.

I suppose that I should use this first entry to set the stage of my life at present. Isn’t that what you do when you start a blog? It’s what I do whenever I start a new written journal.

Does anyone do that anymore? Write with their hands?

I turned 24 last month and got married in August to, hands down, the most wonderful man on this earth. His name is Dan and I love him deeply. I work at the local CBS affiliate producing the noon and 5pm newscasts for a laughably low wage, though I can’t complain, because I am doing what I love while putting my very expensive college degree to use. Everyday I strive to become the woman who God has called me to be, and I’m slowly learning to accept the fact that I am prone to make mistakes and that the world goes on if I screw up. My favorite foods are sushi, pickles, and Diet Coke. I could probably survive off of those three items until I died, and wouldn’t get tired of any of them. Sarcasm, cynicism, inappropriate jokes, and regrettable word vomit spew from my mouth on in-numerous occasions, and I try and pass that off as something “endearing” and/or “charming.”

I think you can figure out the rest.

My hometown saw snow today. It snowed in central Florida today. Snow. Frozen precipitation. In Daytona Beach, Florida.

Being a Florida girl through and through, I can’t think of anything I despise more than cold weather. Except maybe terrorists. But even they live where it doesn’t snow.

And it starts.

7 thoughts on “one.

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Lindsay.

    I look forward to reading your ramblings about snow, snobbery and married life. If you’re the news snob your beloved claims you are, check out my blog and give me stuff to feed off of. It’s dedicated (mostly) to news issues and my own experiences.

    • Please tell me you are planning a very long and eloquent commentary on the addition of Sarah Palin to Fox News’s long list of seasoned broadcast journalists.

      Spoiler alert! I’ve already started reading/have fallen in love with your blog!

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  3. Hello. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. A few moments ago I read the post titled “Chashing Sunsets” and while I’m at a very different point in my life than you are (single, no kids, WISHING I lived in Florida and not up north), I found myself reflected in some of your words. I too find that in those moments during the setting sun I can just relax and let go, it’s a magical time. Although they just aren’t as pretty here somehow (I spent a year in central Florida not too long ago, I long for the beauty there every day). Upon finishing the post I found myself back reading until I landed here on post number one. This you and myself are very much alike from what I’ve read. I haven’t met many 24 year-olds (in my case, one month shy of 25) who still journal by hand. There’s something thrilling in knowing we are leaving a piece of ourselves, a first-hand look into our lives and a sample of our unique handwriting for future generations. Thank you for sharing your stories, advice and ups-and-downs with your readers, it’s nice to see someone has been where you currently are now, providing you with he hope and encouragement to keep pressing forward.

  4. I like your writing style. I feel like we’d be friends. Although I have to confess: I absolutely HATE sushi, pickles, AND diet coke. I hope that’s not a deal-breaker. 😉

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